Grand Theft Auto 5 Vehicle Spreadsheet Statistics List (GTA 5)

List View | Top 7 Car Vehicles | Data Source & Vehicle Pictures

UPDATE 10/12/2013: Kudos to thefountain88 for providing extra data (ie., pricing, capacity, pictures, etc.)to make the spreadsheet more useful.

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  • iagodfather

    you should add how many players can ride in the cars. great spreadsheet

    • Thanks and good idea. Anyone interested in sending me those numbers? Then I can enter them on the spreadsheet.

    • A reddit user, thefountain88, created a spreadsheet with the information you requested! I updated my spreadsheet to reflect the additions.

  • I think the Canis Mesa is Offroad, not SUV.

    • Thanks for giving me the head’s up. I updated the Granger capacity to 8.

  • xHoHo

    Where’s ubermacht oracle?

  • J W

    I think the Sandking XL is the version with a capacity of 4, and the Sandking SWB has capacity 2