3 thoughts on “Fortress Security Store S02-B Wireless Home Security Alarm System Kit Review”

  1. Hi Kim, thanks for reviewing the Fortress DIY home security system. It sounds like it’s fairly solid, my one concern would be what if someone enters and smashes your control panel before it has a chance to sound the alarm? Also, aren’t you concerned about a system that is not monitored (ie. has no law enforcement notification)?

    I encourage you to participate in the home security systems discussion happening on our site, ASecureLife.com. I think you would have a lot to add given your experience.


    1. You could always hide the panel someplace and possibly order a separate keypad attachment that is exposed. I hook my system up to a telephone system, so I get a call when the alarm is triggered.

      It does have limitations, but for the cost, I’m hard pressed to find a better alternative.

      My mother’s alarm system also has the same issue, in that, one could smash the GSM relay unit in the actual keypad to prevent any communications sent to the call center. My mom pays monthly for monitoring. So they all seem to have the same issue at the price point.

      1. Thanks for the lightning quick reply Kim. To my knowledge, the FrontPoint system is the only one that has “smash and crash” prevention, but they are also one of the most expensive providers out there. You’re right in that the savings from a self-monitored system are tough to beat. I suppose it comes down to how prepared is the owner to handle their own home security, which you seem quite capable of.

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