Free Health Savings Account Through Alliant Credit Union

For a $10 Donation to “Foster Care 2 Success,” you can sign up for an essentially free Health Savings Account (HSA) through Alliant Credit Union with no minimums. All of my sign up was done online without going into a branch office.

Checks are free and I believe the debit card is free.

To possibly avoid fees from your old HSA provider, you may want to do a simple rollover and zero out the balance in your old account. They may not be able to legally charge you for an account that is at $0.00. I still have to test this.

You can ignore my link looking at the Vanguard option as they have a $45.00 Annual Administration Fee which basically kills the deal for most people.

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Effective – 03/01/2011

The following fees and transaction limitations amend your Account Agreement and Disclosures (PDF). These fees and limitations MAY be assessed against your account if applicable. Fee Schedule (PDF)

Complimentary Services

ATM Transactions at Alliant-owned ATMs FREE
ATM Transactions at Non-Alliant Owned ATMs1 FREE
Consumer Loan Application FREE
Consumer Loan Modification FREE
Convenience Card (except lost card) FREE
eStatements (electronic statements) FREE
Financial Counseling and Budgeting Services FREE
1st Box of Checks when opening a new Checking Account FREE
Home Equity Checks FREE
Home Equity Loan Processing Fee2 (loan amounts up to $250,000) FREE
HSA Custodian Check Issuance Fee FREE
HSA Excess Contribution Reimbursement FREE
HSA Monthly Maintenance Fee FREE
HSA Set-up Fee FREE
HSA Transaction Fee FREE
Online Banking with Bill Pay
(non sufficient funds (NSF) fees apply) FREE
Online Check Copies FREE
Self Service Telephone (SST) FREE
Signature Guarantee Stamp FREE
Teller Transactions FREE
Third Party Share Drafts (3 per day)
$2 for each withdrawal thereafter
VISA® Credit Card (Platinum and Platinum Rewards) FREE
VISA® Credit Card Annual Fee (Platinum and Platinum Rewards) FREE
VISA® Credit Card Balance Transfer (Platinum and Platinum Rewards) FREE
VISA® Debit Card (except lost card) FREE

Account Basics

Account Closed within 90 Days of Opening $10
Account Maintenance Upon Member Request (1 hr min)(per hour)
Account Balancing Assistance
Account Research
ACH (electronic transfer) initiated via Alliant Online Banking FREE
ACH (electronic transfer) initiated via Telephone (per occurrence) $10
Bad Address Fee $5
Copy of Document (per document)
Account Activity Printout
Check Copy3
Interim Statement
Membership Statement3
Special Statement Cutoff
Loan Document
Deposit Check
Paid Credit Union Check
Wire Transfer Confirmation Copy
Courtesy Pay Fee (per occurrence)
Written Check
Preauthorized Withdrawals from Checking
Debit Card Transactions
Deposit of Check Drawn on a Non-U.S. Bank $35
Dormant Account Fee $10
Inactivity Fee
One year in which no withdrawals or deposits, other than credited dividends were made to the account
Miscellaneous Fees (per item)
Collection Item
Manually Paid Checks and ACH Items $5
Nonsufficient Fund Item (each)
Written Check
Electronic Item
Overdraft Transfer (max per day)
Supplemental Savings
Line of Credit Advance4 (per occurrence) (effective 4/1/2011) $3
Replace Lost Card
VISA® Debit Card
Convenience Card
Return Deposit Item $15
Sight Draft Deposit Fee (per item) $25
Stop Payments (checks) – submitted via Alliant Online Banking or SST FREE
Stop Payments (checks and ACH) – submitted in writing or verbally $25