Single Issue Format for Guests

SUMMARY:   This is where you talk to me about a single issue in-depth that you’re fired up on.

LENGTH:    15 minutes – 1 hour

LOCATION:    In my garage, or I can remote you in via Google Hangouts

DISTRIBUTION:    YouTube, RSS Feeds, Websites, SoundCloud, Facebook,  iTunes, etc.



  1. Show Intro
  2. Introduction of Guest
  3. Discuss any recent events or topic that you’re fired up about
  4. Interact with live viewers via chat or calls
  5. Plugs on how to follow you
  6. Closing plugs for show



  • Privacy is essentially out the window. Due to the nature of the show, mistakes disclosing your personal life may come up such as where you live, your age, your job, your past, etc.  The mistake may come from me, it may come from another guest, or someone from the public.
  • Recordings are not at your disposal to be deleted at a later date and are the property for free distribution without restriction to me.
  • You should be prepared to have your beliefs challenged and have the time to defend them
  • Anything of the above can change as this is brand new and I have no idea where it’s going to go



  • I will make a good faith effort not to disclose things about your personal life without asking you first on air. I may express how we know each other and in what circumstances which may reveal your past, where you live, your general age, family life, etc.
  • I will give you enough time to express your ideas and respond as necessary (within reason)



  • Have an open mind to consider other positions and understand them