Public Indoctrination

For Public Education, I see its primary function as a means to teach technical skills and abilities for which will be directly translated into the productive work force. Public Education should not be used to indoctrinate or act as surrogate parents teaching morality or producing a “sheepish” mentality to “respect State authority.” Teaching “social skills” are also something I don’t believe should be the function of the State, as “social skills” is ultimately a very subjective matter as our SJW-brethren accurately point out.

From this perspective stems the understanding that Public Schools are filled with tremendous layers of waste and fluff. Also, it can be understood that there are much more cost effective means to obtain these goals through Internet resources.

The less time my kids can spend in the Public Indoctrination system, the better. Hopefully they will be intellectually curious enough on their own accord that they will desire to skip the endless amounts of BS in middle school / high school for which I support.

I suppose then, that my biggest responsibility is to counter the influence of State indoctrination, and encourage my children to challenge the “Establishment” and question everything and anyone. Especially me.