War With Russia to Defend ISIS?


So, I’m scratching my head wondering why in the hell Turkey would shoot down a Russian jet. Turkey’s reasons make no sense (Granted Russia flying so close to the border is dumb within itself). So two possibilities arise:

1) The Turkish attack was a result of only Turkish incompetence.
2) The Turkish attack is being motivated by ulterior motives not being openly discussed.

For #1, I can’t imagine anyone is this short-sighted. There’s dumb, and then there’s DUMB. If you don’t know how DUMB the Turkey attack was, check out: https://twitter.com/wikileaks and other sources explaining how nonsensical the Turkish account is.

For #2, crap. Did Turkey get the “green light” from someone in Washington, D.C.? That’s the next plausible explanation. If they are half-way competent in Turkey, there’s no way in hell they would shoot down a Russian jet unless they KNEW they had bigger guns backing them, which defaults to the US.

I wasn’t awake enough for the shit-show of the case for Operation Iraqi Freedom, but I’d imagine I’d be getting deja vu of machinations playing before our very eyes for Syria.

What kind of crazy games are our politician overlords playing? Is Assad such a great threat that it’s worth defending ISIS from Russia?

It’s times like this that I’m glad ‪#‎WikiLeaks‬ is around. Someone needs to leak the cable or communication where Turkey got the “green light” to shoot down the Russian jet from the US.

[Heck, maybe US and Russia are in cohoots on this together and this is the “World Shadow Government’s” attempt to consolidate power into the hands of the few. OK, I’ll admit I’ve been listening to too much ‪#‎AlexJones‬. I’m not convinced there exists enough evidence to support a World Shadow Government.

Maybe life is all just a VR simulation.]