Don’t Glorify Government Violence

A causal link between State violence and mass shootings? I’m skeptical how strong of a link. Might as well say Global Warming is the cause of Terrorism. Interesting perspective nonetheless.

It is interesting to observe the blindness by which people defend the morality of State violence not on Principled grounds but on Pragmatic grounds. For them, the ends justify the means. To me, they’re just thugs, or intellectually lazy (intentional?).

There’s also psychological barriers to remaining blind to Statists’ own immorality, for which I’m still reflecting on. How does one use rational means to break down another’s self-imposed delusion due to cognitive dissonance? I’m coming to the realization that you don’t waste your time.

I’m the delusional one to expect people to act and believe rationally (or at least honestly). Why do I get frustrated when people act irrationally? Why do I continue and believe it’s worth the effort to engage? Perhaps it’s because the alternative of sitting and doing nothing as the Statists run rampant and commit immoral acts is intolerable.

What is it inside of me that sees injustice and is compelled to act, to never surrender?

Is the cause of Liberty and Freedom something I’m willing to go all the way and die for?

From a purely material point of view, I’m having a net loss. Despite this, I’m still compelled to speak for the moral imperative. This is a similar conviction I had in college as a Christian that some would say is the conviction of the Holy Spirit, but I did a lot of dumb ass things that I regret.

In this case, my reasoning and emotional conviction are in line. I’m not sure how much in line they were for me in college. Will I later look with regret at my current zealousness with Individualism, liberty, and personal property the same way I look back with regret at my time in college?