WHEN not IF There Will Be Tyranny


On the plus side, if Trump does get elected as President, then maybe Liberals will finally realize that they need assault weapons to protect themselves from Trump!

Assault weapons in the hands of the populace are not just a control against Obama/Hillary tyranny, but against all tyranny. Republican or Democrat, Christian or Muslim, Atheist or Theist; our government system no longer defends individual rights. Even in the hands of pure Democracy, it is essentially mob rule.

It is foolish to surrender entirely to politicians who are ultimately beholden to “special interests” and the “greater good” rather than supporting your individual right to life, liberty, and personal property.

The history of humankind shows a 100% failure rate for all governments. Man is corruptible, therefore any system made up of Man is corruptible. In the face of these facts, why would the US Government somehow be an exception?

25 years, 50 years, 100 years, 200 years? It’s not a question of “IF,” but a question of “WHEN?” Will you and your loved ones be ready WHEN the time comes? Or have you fallen prey to the propaganda that the STATE is your benevolent protector?