Take Comfort, Libertarians & Future Technology

Automated cars, VR revolution, neural implants, etc. As new techs emerge empowering individuals to self organize through voluntary means (AKA Private Governance), centralized planning through violent means (AKA Public Government) will become more oppressive, inefficient, and draconian as it attempts to maintain control. In the marketplace of ideas and leveraged with the multiplying power of technology, it is inevitable that Private Governance will reign supreme.

Even today, why expend resources getting a CS degree when you can self learn via the Internet? You can start developing apps right now without a formal education. Greater evidence is in your work portfolio than some degree. Heck, you could develop apps that can start making money now and possibly skip the rat race.

Even for Chloe, I’m fairly confident that in 10 years time, the formal, centrally controlled education system will become irrelevant as we’re already seeing today when it comes to finding jobs in the workforce today. The lie that somehow having a college degree means you are ENTITLED to a “livable wage” job has been proven false.

The “gig” economy will become the new normal.

In the real world of voluntary exchanges, individuals who relentlessly invest in their own human capital will gain success (whether through increasingly inefficient, “official” education channels or through self-help), while those who rest on the Established Order to provide an undeserved handout will remain beggars. There will be a constant battle to remain relevant as disruptive technologies become more commonplace. Degrees will become even more worthless.

Will Social Security, Medicare, and all the typical “social safety nets” (which are simply Ponzi schemes placed on the backs of the producers), exist with its same benefits 30 years from now when I come of age to “cash in” my benefits? Certainly, they won’t exist by the time my kids come of age. To go even more Futurist, should tech exist where our bodies become augmented to extend life indefinitely, this will bankrupt Governments even sooner.

50 years from now, it will become clear that the greatest fraud imposed on individual productivity and liberty is that Public Government is the superior option to Private Governance. Or if tech isn’t ultimately hampered by Government regulation, this fraud will become realized even sooner.