Who Should Certify Competence?


“When I go looking for someone to run some aspect of one of my businesses, I never ask him about his academic attainments. I want to know his performance on the job.”

Except in environments run by dillusional beuracracy out of touch with reality, results are the prime proof of competence. I was never formally educated to run real estate and hotels (ie. College degree). It has not stopped me from destroying my competition and running an efficient operation.

I shake my head inside when I meet students studying to receive a degree in Hospitality Management. They’re better off saving their money and working in the industry gaining real world experience with a driving ambition toward management. No smart business person would give a management position to a fresh graduate without any real world experience. How brainwashed have students become to believe their college degree somehow guarantees them a job?

Yet in the military world, a fresh officer out of the Academy, “pulling rank” as a fresh “butter bar” has more lehal authority than a seasoned 20 year veteran. Ignorant 21 year olds somehow out rank 80% of the veterans in the force and have the legal authority to condemn the lives of their subordinates in their inexperience simply because of a “commission.”

This, along with numerous other nonsensical “traditions,” permeate our armed forces and government beuracracies. Due to State monopolies, these archaic and inefficient practices remain in existence with no real pressure for change. If there was real competition, these government functions would be forced to discard wasteful practices or become extinct. In the mean time, mediocrity reigns supreme in the world of government beuracracy and individuals that are the “best and brightest” get frustrated and stifled out of government work into the private sector where efficiency is valued.