I am refusing to allow NoroVirus barf-fest become an annual event. We are recovering from a 6/8 infection rate. Last time we had it, it was 4/5, with me being the winner. We were extremely fortunate it wasn’t coming out both ends at the same time.

The memory of three kids in the living room while parents / grand parents are on barf-duty, will not be forgotten.

Probiotics helped create a gut environment that can fight off the effects of the norovirus. The probiotics inhabit the same areas the norovirus attempts to infiltrate.

I’ve been taking probiotics through the first time, and this time around. Though I felt sick, I didn’t need to puke. Kendra has recently been taking probiotics, and she didn’t get it this time around. I think the newborn may had avoided it or had symptoms not so severe for reasons unknown.

I felt myself being close to feeling to puke, but never got over the edge. I sensed the acidic feeling in my tummy, but it was never so severe I needed to purge. I credit that to my low-carb diet and the probiotics I’ve been taking to keep the pH in my digestive track at tolerable levels.

Aerosolization in diarrhea when flushed and vomit. Only about 5 – 20 particles are needed to transmit.

Next time someone exhibits any of the symptoms, I’m sending them off to quarantine. There is no other way.