Peaceful Parenting and Children Exercising Independent Reason

I was so proud of my 5 year old daughter last night correctly pointing out the moral hypocrisy of some of the “house rules” which are imposed through coercion that don’t apply to the parents.

We are now in process of reconsidering these rules in light of these hypocrisies.

Part of the process of me healing my inner-child is getting the chance to make “right” the wrongs that were done to me by my own parents. For most, being challenged by their children would result in a physical / emotional beating, as often was the case for me growing up. As I’ve gone through an objective awakening questioning many of the established norms imposed by society, I take great pleasure knowing I’ve done my job well when my child feels empowered and respected enough to call Kendra and I out on our own moral bullshit without fear of violent / emotional retribution.

She’s going to need that discerning mind to wade through the moral hypocrisy in the rest of the world that is only going to get worse.