1776 In Context to History

The purpose of using words to speak Truth now that may hurt some feelings is to prevent a much more violent, and bloody future if things are left to Tyranny. The history of humanity is one of State oppression and the people’s bloody revolution. I will take words today if that means avoiding bullets later.

1776 was not an anomaly, but a norm of individuals recognizing their Natural Rights for Life, Liberty, and Personal Property. When the State tramples these Natural Rights through coercion, it loses legitimacy and free individuals are left no other option but to defend those rights through all means necessary.

I would prefer to exhaust all peaceful means first, but I worry that if Tyranny and fear remain on the course of today, that a trigger event will ignite a Civil War which is brewing. On one side, you will have those who are on the side of the Founding Fathers, and on the other side will be the Establishment and Progressives.

I would say to speak up, but there is a formidable case that it is too late, that Tyranny has already triumphed, that the people have become indoctrinated to be sheep, and that violent revolution is all that remains. If that’s the case, then remain vigilent, be prepared, and consider how much you’re willing to sacrifice for the cause of Freedom.

In my particular case, I speak up even if it may be ultimately pointless, because my job situation is such that I’m in no fear of economic retribution, so the furthest extent of my “courage” is not being able to associate with supporters of Tyranny. That’s not such a big loss in the long run since they work toward enslaving me and my children anyway.