Governor Abbott Unveils Texas Plan, Offers Constitutional Amendments To Restore the Rule of Law
When the Federal Government becomes bigger and bigger, will there reach a point at which State Governors will directly defy federal mandates? We already see it in the enforcement of Marijuana laws.

Will acts of state nullification result in military enforcement by the Federal government? If so, would Federal troops actually fire upon State troops?

Would a Civil War ensue?

Dark times ahead, as I do not foresee the Federal Government reigning in its own appetite for greater power and control. It is within the nature of Politicians and Bureaucrats to increase, rather than decrease their control.

War and Terrorism will be the vehicles by which the Federal Government will use an excuse for greater Tyranny. “For the greater good,” “for your own good,” and “for the children” are classic phrases used to lull you to compliance as your individual freedoms are stripped away.

Stay vigilant and be prepared.