City Level Bureaucracy Setting “Policy”

When I was attempting to run a night club out of one my hotels, I was shocked to see the extent that City bureaucrats and certain police officers exercised power that went above common sense.

One example, I was brought in and lectured about how my $2 beer advertisements were too low, and they wanted me to discontinue the “cheap alcohol” policy. They received the complaint “anonymously.” I pointed out I got the pricing from the local competitors.

Second example, I had Karaoke, and the police came in and shut it down because I didn’t have a “live music” permit.

Third example, I was lectured that I shouldn’t be attracting “those kinds of people” into my nightclub when my alcohol pricing matched my competition.

Fourth example, the same police officer who shut down the Karaoke, also shut down a pool party that was starting at my hotel because I didn’t have the proper permits. Of course, the police officer preferred to enforce the shut down notice just before the party began to maximize the disruption.

How naive for me to believe that I could be left alone if I wasn’t bothering other people and providing a wanted service. Instead bureaucrats and their cronies decide to exercise their authority because they get off on control and power. Power is a drug and those addicted seem to be attracted to Government.