Governor Abbott Unveils Texas Plan, Offers Constitutional Amendments To Restore the Rule of Law
When the Federal Government becomes bigger and bigger, will there reach a point at which State Governors will directly defy federal mandates? We already see it in the enforcement of Marijuana laws.

Will acts of state nullification result in military enforcement by the Federal government? If so, would Federal troops actually fire upon State troops?

Would a Civil War ensue?

Dark times ahead, as I do not foresee the Federal Government reigning in its own appetite for greater power and control. It is within the nature of Politicians and Bureaucrats to increase, rather than decrease their control.

War and Terrorism will be the vehicles by which the Federal Government will use an excuse for greater Tyranny. “For the greater good,” “for your own good,” and “for the children” are classic phrases used to lull you to compliance as your individual freedoms are stripped away.

Stay vigilant and be prepared.

Anti-Government Founding Fathers

People who consider “anti-government” as a pejorative term are painfully misinformed. Try and guess which anti-government terrorist wrote this quote:

“Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

Peaceful Parenting and Empathy

Yesterday, Chloe (my 5-year old daughter) got off to a bad morning because we had ran out of milk and Chloe had an expectation that Kendrawould purchase milk the night before. Chloe’s frustration of feeling powerless to obtain her own physical sustenance manifested itself in numerous behaviors that caused discomfort to the other family members.

One of these manifestations was that Chloe was complaining in a loud enough volume to be scaring the other children in the family. I understood Chloe’s feeling of anger and frustration to come from an inability to manager her anger in non-destructive ways. We all have anger, even as adults, but as adults we’ve hopefully learned how to channel that anger into productive ways (ie. exercise, breathing techniques, etc). Chloe is still developing those skills.

When I got home, I used physical force to contain Chloe to my room and told her the following:


[My first goal was for Chloe to feel as though she’s being heard and understood through empathy.]

Chloe, it is okay for you to feel angry. Do you feel angry? Then please tell me you’re feeling angry. Please yell at me that you’re feeling angry. I can handle your anger. You’re not going to get in trouble for feeling angry. Let it all out. I can take it.

Sometimes Daddy gets angry too. Remember when I play loud music in the garage and lift weights and I make loud noises like, “Grrrrrrrr.”

You have a lot of anger inside of you, and let’s try and get it out. Here’s my hand. Punch my hand as hard as you can to get it out. Let me help you get that anger out of you.

[My second goal was for Chloe to understand that the physical restrictions I was placing on her was for the safety of others, and not simply artificial punishment imposed by me.]

It’s okay for you to feel angry, but you’re not going to be able to leave this room until you promise me that you won’t be talking so loud that it’s scaring and hurting the ears of Genna, Jack, and Vincent.

Do you like it when Genna or Jack screams in your ears? When Genna screams in your ears, you want Daddy to stop Genna from screaming in your ears, right?

When there are bad guys, Daddy protects you. That’s why I have guns. Sometimes Mommy, Genna, and Jack may do bad things inside the family, and Daddy has to tell them to stop as well. That doesn’t mean they’re bad guys, but sometimes we do bad THINGS to each other.

In the same way that I’m required to protect you, I’m also required to protect everyone else in the family if you’re hurting them with the volume of your voice. So I’m not letting you out of this room until you promise to stop hurting them with the volume of your voice.

[My third goal was to teach tools in how to manage her anger in healthy ways.]

You have a lot of anger inside of you. How about you and me we go to the garage and listen to some loud music with the yelling and screaming, and we can get out your anger and scream as loud as you want?

Or we can go to the garage and you can play the drum set to get that anger out of you.


After this talk and some drumming in the garage, Chloe had much of her frustrated energy released and was in a more relaxed state that I typically see her in. I had to leave the house immediately due to date night. Upon reflection, I’ll probably have another discussion with Chloe that, if she hasn’t already, that she should be apologizing to the people she’s hurt with the the volume of her voice, if she cares to maintain a good relationship with them.

This will come from a place of explaining natural consequences of destructive behavior on relationships, rather than using artificial consequences to force an inauthentic response from Chloe. A true apology must come from empathy, and not from the threat of force, violence, or emotional manipulation from the outside.

My ability to reason and empathize with Chloe (and for her to listen) has been built on a foundation of trust and love that Chloe knows I have for her. Not because I simply told her with words, but because I also demonstrate it consistently in my actions in the various discussions we have with one another. There’s no additional emotional baggage of confusion or feelings of fear that Daddy will use violence or use emotional manipulation.

#17 – Peaceful Parenting, Rethinking Paradigms, Challenging Spanking




  • Throw out “how you were raised”, and try and build a parental strategy from the ground up.
  • Different times
  • Lots of things we take for granted are not based on objective reality, but emotional convenience






  • What kind of relationship do I eventually want with my kids?
  • Love
  • Mutual Respect
  • Accepting each other’s humanity
  • Good Friends
  • Based on Fear or on Reason?




  • What kinds of skills do my kids need to make it in the real world?
  • Critical Thinking
  • Questioning Everything (especially established norms)
  • Determining what is objective reality
  • Reasoned logic
  • Self-Aware of own biases
  • Always Learning




  • How you see the State is often a reflection of how you view parenting, and vice versa?




  • Previous Parenting Philosophy
  • Current Parenting Philosophy: Consultant / Guide




  • Moral Hypocrisy of Churches, military, & the State
  • Living a life consistent with Principles




  • Reliving Past Childhood Trauma




  • Self-Aware of my own selfishness
  • Shower with Jack
  • Empathy






  • Drill Sergeant vs. Hippie




  • Third-way: Consultant / Guide




  • Logical Knowledge




  • Computer Analogy
  • Hardware (Developing)
  • Software (Self-Aware AI)




  • Artificial vs. Natural Consequences




  • Self-Discipline (internal) vs. Obedience (external)




  • Parental Strategy
  • Early ages, much more physical restrictions
  • As Hardware develops, allow more freedom in software




  • Empathy




  • Self-Awareness




  • “Do as I say, not as I do” – Parental Moral Hypocrisy






  • Spanking as a Tool
  • Pluses and Minuses




  • Christmas Gifts




  • Bedtime





  • Different Podcast?




  • Going backwards with end objective in mind










  • Facebook Groups



1776 In Context to History

The purpose of using words to speak Truth now that may hurt some feelings is to prevent a much more violent, and bloody future if things are left to Tyranny. The history of humanity is one of State oppression and the people’s bloody revolution. I will take words today if that means avoiding bullets later.

1776 was not an anomaly, but a norm of individuals recognizing their Natural Rights for Life, Liberty, and Personal Property. When the State tramples these Natural Rights through coercion, it loses legitimacy and free individuals are left no other option but to defend those rights through all means necessary.

I would prefer to exhaust all peaceful means first, but I worry that if Tyranny and fear remain on the course of today, that a trigger event will ignite a Civil War which is brewing. On one side, you will have those who are on the side of the Founding Fathers, and on the other side will be the Establishment and Progressives.

I would say to speak up, but there is a formidable case that it is too late, that Tyranny has already triumphed, that the people have become indoctrinated to be sheep, and that violent revolution is all that remains. If that’s the case, then remain vigilent, be prepared, and consider how much you’re willing to sacrifice for the cause of Freedom.

In my particular case, I speak up even if it may be ultimately pointless, because my job situation is such that I’m in no fear of economic retribution, so the furthest extent of my “courage” is not being able to associate with supporters of Tyranny. That’s not such a big loss in the long run since they work toward enslaving me and my children anyway.