Bernie Sanders Believes 57.2% Tax is Not Paying My “Fair Share”

57.2% Total Income Tax over $406,751 while living in California.

Bernie Sanders believes I’m still not paying my “fair share.”

The 2015 tax year was the first time I’ve reached this threshold. The angry electorate are envious of the hard work invested by my Korean-immigrant parents and me resulting in annual profits over an arbitrary threshold. Now, I’m simply living in “excess.” For the crime of my success, the State will now reward me by coercing more than half of all future income.

At this point, “Politics” is a matter of self-defense and moral indignation. I will not stay silent and see my remaining 40 years of working life “redistributed” to other people’s “free” health care, tuition, welfare, and other “entitlements” via the wasteful, bureaucratic Mafia we call “the welfare State.”


If you disagree, please write in the comments exactly how my immigrant parents and I “owe” the rest of “society” for our success (AKA “Social Contract”). Also, please specify how we didn’t “earn” the success we have today (AKA “Labor Theory of Value” definition of “Exploitation”). Please also specify all the great benefits we received from the State for which we have not already paid for, therefore creating a moral obligation on us to the State to more than half of all future income (or higher if the Progressives have their way).

In the “bottom trawling” crusade of Bernie Sanders against “greed” and “capitalism,” you will find caught in the “net of State coercion and violence” those who practice “clean” Capitalism. Yes, I decry Wall Street bailouts, Corporate welfare, the military-industrial complex, the drug war, and all other forms of “crony capitalism” on the grounds of violating the “Non-Aggression Principle.” You are misguided if you believe punishing successful small business, immigrant owners in your crusade can be considered “justice.”

The reality of what you are advocating for is the use of violence and coercion against immigrant business owners. You may want to reconsider the moral “high ground” you believe you stand on.