Bean-To-Bar Chocolate Bar: Marou Wallpaper Tien Gang 80% Chocolate Bar

$10 to try a bean-to-bar chocolate bar. Just a small piece for me is able to satiate my chocolate craving for at least a couple hours. This particular bar is made by the silver and bronze winners of an international chocolate contest.

I decided to take the dive after listening to Seth Godin on Tim Ferris’ podcast (

The flavors are definitely much more complex than the typical Lindt and Ferrero Rocher chocolates I usually have. Just be warned my kids and wife hate it. But I just like to suck on it and experience the stimulating taste bud experience. This is probably similar to difference between the much more expensive, aged cheeses, versus the cheaper cheese.

So if you like complex cheese, I’m guessing you’ll probably find a bean-to-bar-chocolate bar to be an interesting, and unique culinary experience.