Enjoy the Donald Trump Political Theatre

As I see the horror people are having of Donald Trump, I’m reminded about the disgust my wife had for Steve Carell’s character as the boss on “The Office.” I told her that it’s not real, and that it’s satire. It’s comedy. She gradually began to enjoy his character.

Consider that politics is all about about “putting on a show” in order to get elected, and then once they get elected, the politicians make the deals that benefit their donors only worrying about reelection. Don’t take what the politicians say seriously. It’s just a show.

Once you accept the premise, then you can enjoy Donald Trump, playing the Presidential candidate Donald Trump, endlessly mock the political establishment. And it’s hilarious!

Come join the fun that is mocking politics and politicians for what it has been for a long time: a huge farce providing the illusion that the Establishment actually cares what you think. Or that your vote even matters. (Don’t forget the electoral college!)

Even if “the Donald” gets elected, none of his domestic policies which require Congressional approval will likely happen as the Establishment will unite to stop him at every turn. In terms of foreign policy for which the President can take unilateral action, Trump is a dove. Trump is self-funded and the military-industrial complex has minimal influence on his decisions. The opposition is so fierce from even the Deep State, that Trump’s assassination would not be surprising.

The Presidential office has long been in the hands of crony-capitalists and war mongers. It’s about time we get a true “outsider” candidate if for any other reason but to give an extended middle finger to the Establishment that has ignored the will of the people.

I look forward to the mockery that will be Trump’s VP ticket, and at least four more years of open ridicule to the rest of the world leaders as Trump exposes the theatre that is Global Politics and the Deep State.