#19 – The Rational & Moral Case for Anarchy and the Non-Aggression Principle

Deontological, Deductive Reasoning for Private Governance / Voluntaryism / Libertarianism / Anarcho-Capitalism


Moral Absolutism is true [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moral_absolutism]
Morality can be discovered through the use of Deductive Reasoning from these Axioms [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deductive_reasoning]

[The Meta Axioms can be generally understood as Deontology as a subset of Normative Ethics, https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Normative_ethics]

“A PRIORI” (Independent of Experience)
VS. “A POSTERIORI” (Dependent on Experience / Empirical Evidence)



AXIOM 1 [A1]
The individual is the basic unit of moral concern [https://www.theobjectivestandard.com/issues/2012-spring/individualism-collectivism/]
AXIOM 2 [A2]
You own your own human essence (ie. body, mind, spirit) and the product of that essence (labor) [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Self-ownership]
AXIOM 3 [A3]
Unclaimed natural resources (ie. land, trees, etc.) become morally, and individually owned by mixing natural resources with human labor [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homestead_principle]
AXIOM 4 [A4]
A Government achieves its means through violence and the threat of violence on involuntary participants (“a monopoly on violence”)


The individual is not morally responsible for the actions of another individual unless directly involved
A Government is a group of individuals
A Government made up of individual moral units is bound by the same morality as the individuals by which it is formed


1. An individual has a right to their own Life (body & labor)
2. An individual has a right to their own Personal Property justly obtained
3. An individual has a right to not be interfered with by another individual if they are not violating #1 & #2 of another individual (Liberty)
The INITIATION of force by one individual against another (ie. theft, murder, slavery, fraud, and kidnapping) violates their Natural Rights through involuntary means and is therefore morally wrong [“Non-Aggression Principle” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Non-aggression_principle]
The only moral means to obtain Life or Personal Property from another individual is through voluntary and free exchange, and homesteading


Individuals may use violence (or appoint an Agent to use violence) in protection from an initiating Aggressor violating an individual’s Natural Rights
If the Non-Aggression Principle applies to individuals, then the Non-Aggression Principle should apply to individuals in a Government
Individuals in a Government that violate the Non-Aggression Principle are acting immorally
A Government that bombs non-aggressor individuals is immoral (Murder)
A Government that drafts through involuntary means is immoral (Slavery)
A Government that imprisons non-violent drug offenders is immoral (Kidnapping)
A Government that taxes through involuntary means is immoral (Theft)

MORE: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1sAJGkhMk8hJtfdI24Usfg8BYcAZS9YIV55Otex0jHSI/edit

US Economics IS Foreign Policy

TRIGGER: http://www.reuters.com/article/us-oil-iran-exclusive-idUSKCN0VE21S

It really is in the “national interest” for the US to maintain, through costly wars and killing of innocents, the USD hegemony in oil sales as established by the petrodollar thanks to Nixon/Kissinger when the last vestiges of the gold standard were dismantled.

What happens when the rest of the Middle East finally gets sick of the petrodollar? What happens when Saudi Arabia collapses in its US supported dictatorship? What is the true value of the USD when printing trillions ofdollars is standard policy (AKA Quantitative Easing) and national debt doubles during the reign of a single President (both Bush and Obama)?

Yes, the military-industrial complex has blame in this, but the greater blame is the insatiable ignorance of the US electorate and the “greed” of its “entitlement” class to push politicians to greater depths of debt. Politicians ultimately are followers, and the “true leaders” are the ignorant masses. To feed and placate the masses on government handouts requires the US to be in perpetual war.

If you allow the rest of the world to freely choose which currency is strongest, without the use of coercion or threat of violence via the US military, the politicians/beuracrats know better than the electorate that the USD will collapse.

The Welfare Economy = Military State = State-Sponsored Terrorism

The Path of Least Resistance: Tyranny

Evil individuals and sociopaths, without limit to their religion (or anti-religion), Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Atheist, rich, poor, gender, sexual orientation, age, nationality, ideology, whether they are Capitalists or Socialists, Feminists, Social justice warriors, black lives matter, Regressive Left, PC Principle etc. are incentivized to gravitate toward WHERE they can use monopolistic powers to initiate violence on other individuals.

Is it not rational for these individuals to go down the path of least resistance to achieve their true aim: POWER? And what is the most cost effective way to achieve this POWER than through the mechanism by which has the monopoly to initiate violence: GOVERNMENT?

In the same way, when you look at a Democracy, where a large percentage of individuals are on Government payroll either through welfare benefits or direct employment, is it any surprise that they would vote in their own self interests regardless of the mechanism by which they receive the “benefit?”

After all, if two wolves and a sheep get to vote on what’s for dinner, is it any surprise what the results will be? The wolves will make all sorts of intellectual arguments as to justify for themselves the initiation of violence on the sheep. And of course, the “sheep” are simply being “selfish” and “greedy” in order to protect themselves from the “tyranny of the masses.” Thus is the reality of our society.

A Confession on My Snobbery

I feel I must confess publicly.

On one podcast months ago I remembered hearing someone smart say they never wasted their time arguing privately with a Socialist. I interpreted that to mean also Progressives and everyone else I disagree with. Also, I think he meant the die hard intellectual Socialists that teach in Universities, and not the normal people I actually interact with that aren’t as entrenched in their beliefs since most of the time they aren’t familiar with Volunteerism.

So I’ve been challenging people to broadcast our disagreements live through YouTube and my Podcast. All, except for one, always decline.

Stupid me, had I offered a private conversation, perhaps I could have gained better understanding. Plus, I suspect I actually may enjoy these challenging conversations.

Does that mean I will offer a private conversation via phone call once Facebook discussions become lengthy? Or is there perhaps value in forcing the discussion via Public posts on Facebook?

I do see benefit for the lurkers who read the exchanges via Facebook that may get undermined if I start taking intellectual discussions private.

Are there any of you who regularly switch to telephone to discuss controversial Facebook posts? Any tips on the underlying philosophy?

Anarchism and Radical Decentralization Are the Same Thing

TRIGGER: https://mises.org/blog/anarchism-and-radical-decentralization-are-same-thing

It is a valid question to wonder about the practicalities of Volunteerism. Would it become every man for themselves? Absolutely not. People would voluntary come together as social units under rules / laws for which one truly “chooses” to reside where the cost for exit is relatively small. Marriage, having children, Religion, employment, professional organizations, opening a business, etc. are one of many areas for which we voluntarily exchange our individual freedoms for benefits we perceive as being greater than the freedoms sacrificed.

One measurement toward how much you truly “choose” to transact with another individual is the level that you can simply “opt out,” say “no,” or move away.

The Founding Fathers had the concept right to provide for States to give more “choices” to its citizens. It’s unfortunate that the 10th Amendment has been disregarded causing the monopoly we call the Federal Government. Luckily we’re seeing more instances of State Nullification, a trend for which I hope occurs more often. The Free State Project provides a beacon of hope for New Hampshire and Act 20 / 22 to pay only 4% tax in Puerto Rico are other great options now available.

Anti-Capitalist Technologists

Individuals who decry “greed” as the great “sin” in our society, do so while typing on their smartphones / computers, using the Internet, and social media that’s been fueled by this very same “evil” that they decry.

And let’s not forget all the other advances in technology fueled by this great evil known as “greed” that these individuals also use on a daily basis.

They should be consistent in their moral views and live a life without “greed” which would require them to live without any personal possessions and in a technological state equal to direct subsistence from the land.

If only these “anti-greed” evangelists could hold up a mirror and see the true nature of their hearts: “envy.” They believe “income inequality” within itself is a “bad thing” when even the poorest person’s standard of living is better off thanks to “greed.”

If only these individuals could see that “wealth” is not a zero-sum game. One man’s riches, is not another man’s loss. One man’s riches is gained because they provided a benefit to another individual in a mutually beneficial, voluntary exchange. This also assumes no Government intervention that holds a gun to your head and makes a monetary transaction involuntary.

#18 – Virtuous Immigrant Capitalist Hotel Owners vs. Progressive, Socialist Parasites

A white male asked this question in a Facebook Group called: Common Sense with Dan Carlin:

“In this world you want to create [in relation to Libertarian ideology], what would happen if you were born into a poor family. There is no free education, no subsidized healthcare, just what your family could afford. How much of your livelihood, your future, depends on the education and healthcare you receive before you can make decisions for yourself? In a post-modern, information age, how much will your labor be worth? Will you be able to support yourself in the future, could you support your own family? Would your children be destined to start at the same point you had?”


Here was my response:


AM I THE ONLY NON-WHITE PERSON IN THIS GROUP? This is NOT a hypothetical, but what goes on TODAY.

I’ll give you some homework. Go to the dry cleaner’s, nail salon, Teriyaki store, or Asian immigrant owned business and get to know the business owner. Talk to them about their life story, how much money they had when they immigrated to America, what life was like in their home country. Listen to how much they’ve suffered, and risked. Listen to how many hours they work. Listen to how much government “hand outs” they’ve received over the course of their life (oh wait, they weren’t raised here, so they didn’t get much).

And then after you hear all that, lecture them about how they’re “exploiting” their workers and that they are horrible people for not paying their employees a “living wage.” Then lecture them about how they should be paying maternity leave. And lecture them about how their GREED is destroying people’s lives.

Lecture these immigrant entrepreneurs on how they’re responsible for the income inequality for blacks and women. In fact, go to the inner-city, and find these Korean liquor store owners and tell them they need to pay reparations. Explain to them how impossible their poverty is, and they shouldn’t even try to better their circumstance because they didn’t get the proper “education” and proper government “entitlements.”

Because many of these laws and regulations are intended to “balance the scales” for past / current perceived “injustices” that go on between the BLACK/WHITE narrative. WHITE GUILT. Get over it.

Asian entrepreneurs are proving false the typical “I’m the victim. I’m too poor” narrative. Get over yourselves, and stop punishing Asian entrepreneurs for the sins of the White man. Get to know the Asian entrepreneurs in your neighborhoods and open your eyes toward upward, economic mobility that doesn’t require Government hand-outs.

Then, you will understand how more government regulations actually hurt opportunity, not for the hypothetical, but for the tangible, Asian immigrants living life next door to you right now.

Anatomy of the State: https://mises.org/library/anatomy-state
An Honest Conversation with a Communist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1TgdLkGwbTw


Public school portrayal

Robber Barrons
Child labour

Sweat shops

Need government to protect from evil capitalists
The exploiters

Minimum wage

Need the government.

Nature of government, coercion, violence
Nature of capitalism, voluntary interactions (“Clean Capitalism)
Vs. Crony Capitalism

What is money? Stored time, human labour, and natural resources

Both are better off
People will only choose actions for which they’ll be better off

What does job creator mean

Not oppressor, but coordinator

Fat cats sitting on money
Capital reinvestment

Scrooge mcduck


Customers are the boss

Different scenarios