In my Junior year of high school, I was elected to be the Student Body Treasurer.

At that time, I was heavily influenced by the “Ren & Stimpy” and “Simpson’s” soundtrack. The “Monorail” guy was my major inspiration. I saw how easily people were influence by song and “charisma.” So that’s what I did knowing that there really was no major basis to vote for me than the other candidates. The position was a Resume stuffer for college applications.

For my recorded speech that was broadcasted to the entire school, I brought out a portable music keyboard. I opened with a parody of the “Cheers” theme with “everybody knows your name” and then closed it out by playing Axel F from Beverly Hills ending with a joke:

What do you a call a fly without wings? A Walk.

I timed the punch line to perfectly coordinate with the timed silences in Axel F.

On Voting Day, I was approached by a couple students who enthusiastically stated they were voting for me solely due to the entertainment value they received from watching my musical number.

(SIDE NOTE: I chose to run for Treasurer rather than President, because I knew the other candidates too well and didn’t take myself too seriously. Thank God. The whole student government thing was a complete waste of time. Public School in general, for that matter. If I was my father at that time, I would’ve recruited me to modernize his Auto Body Shop. Too bad he was clueless.)

Jump forward to today and seeing all the disenfranchised voters coming in huge numbers to vote for Trump. Decisions are being made on an emotional level. Many are voting for Hillary because she’s a woman. On the same hand, many are voting for Trump primarily for his entertainment value.

Believing foremost in individual liberty, many of Trump’s positions are disagreeable to me. Nevertheless, the zingers, memes and blunt honesty feels liberating. And for that, I think many people are grateful.

It’s like watching a South Park episode unfolding in real life. Participating on /r/the_donald has been the most fun I’ve had on the Internet, short of LAN parties and computer gaming.