My Memory of Proto-SJW High School Students from 1998

One of my earliest memories encountering proto-SJW was 1998, Sophomore year, high school, Honors Social Studies near regressive-left Mecca, Seattle. I was 15 and sat next to or between two, intelligent, and attractive white ladies. Prior to class starting or during down time in class, something came up that was of poor quality and I off handedly remarked, “that’s ghetto!”

Then the two classmates remarked to one another:

“Why do people use that word: ‘ghetto?'”
“Yeah, I know. It’s so derogatory and racist.”

The weird thing about it was they weren’t talking to me directly, by saying, “Hey, Jefferson. Don’t use the word, ‘ghetto.’ That’s racist and you’re racist for saying that!”

I think the fact that I was Asian, generally a “nice guy,” and they knew me well enough to not be a flaming racist, kept them from directly confronting me, and instead chose to be indirectly passive aggressive.

Anyway, they were cute, I wanted them to like me, and I was thrown off guard to have a sudden wave of negative energy thrown at me, so I said nothing. I know. Not much of a story.

This incident occurred almost 20 years ago. Perhaps if I were a white male, things may had gone a lot more confrontational. I receive a certain level of immunity being a minority and child toward disadvantaged immigrants. With the way BLM and SJW violent behaviour is being glorified in media today by Progressive media, I imagine classrooms to be a lot more oppressive today than when I was in high school.

Universities definitley seem that way.

That’s one of many reasons why my children will be home educated.

(And if you’re wondering the names of the two girls referenced, I will politely abstain out of respect for the embarrassing things we’ve all done as teens and the high likelihood my memory is faulty, being colored by today’s events.)