President Trump, Master Persuader, and the Bubble Economy

What does Austrian Economics say about Trump making people believe in Magic?
Since all fiat currency operates under FAITH, suppose Trump truly is the Master Persuader as Scott Adams says.
Suppose Trump PERSUADES those in the US and those outside to have even more irrational FAITH in the US.
Business as usual. 0% interest rates. Bubble keeps getting bigger.
Are people underestimating just how powerful a salesman Trump is to sell America?
After all, didn’t Trump just BEND reality by getting elected? Didn’t all the “logic” get thrown out the window?
Between Peter Schiff & Donald Trump, I think all us “logical” people are underestimating how effective the Master Persuader will be to keep this US Bubble, Hype Train going.
The group hallucination is simply too powerful.
And yes, afterwards, it’s going to be even worse.
Trump has bent reality, & if people are as susceptible to influence as we mock them to be, then I think Austrians need to seriously consider Trump, the puppet master, into the equation.
Way too many people bet against Trump before getting elected. It was only logical, right?
I’m not going to bet against his Persuasion skills.