White Race vs White Culture: Does it Even Matter?

I know many of you don’t like to think in terms of race, religion, or identity groups.
Do you realize that EVERY OTHER RACE does though?
They are Collectivist in culture, thus they see things in group identity (race, religion, etc.)
THEY see you as WHITE, and have no desire for “integration.” Just look at all the “ethnic enclaves” they create in your cities. Look at their mono-racial countries. Try walking through through them and you will be stared at. Try marrying their daughters and see the reaction.
You’re not privy to the private conversations they have about WHITEY.
To them, you will ALWAYS be an outsider.
If I had to pick an enclave to be in, it would be one made up of WHITES. There is no close second.
Please stop committing cultural suicide. Liberty’s ONLY bastion is with WHITES. Sure, correlation doesn’t mean causation, but when the correlation is so strong, the distinction becomes irrelevant.
If they don’t disavow their collectivist roots, don’t let them in.