Leveraging Technology and Productivity During Childhood and Teenage Years

Okay, yes it was fun. But when you consider the tools that are available today, I wonder what kinds of music, YouTube videos, etc. we could had produced had they been available during our time.

There are many YouTube income generators today that started producing while in High School.

Instead of income producing efforts, I have this picture to show for our expended time and energy. Extended adolescence is fun, but productivity is much more satisfying.

Kids today, more than anytime in history, have technology at their fingertips, limited only by their own human labor and ingenuity, to produce and globally disseminate digital goods for monetary gain. At least for my kids, I intend to provide the tools necessary, and sense of entrepreneurial empowerment, for them to never need to consider working a minimum wage job.

Game Development for Teenagers

TRIGGER: http://gamasutra.com/view/news/265425/Amazon_launches_new_free_highquality_game_engine_Lumberyard.php

With all the high quality tools out there at low cost, I don’t see why my kids can’t get into game development instead of taking an hourly job.

Jason Kim Remember when you used to develop custom Counter-Strike maps? What if we had been born 20 years later still at home, with all our free time playing StarCraft & Counter-strike?

What kind of cool games could we had developed?

Our Parents are War Trauma Victims

Have you ever tried to fully understand the childhood of your parents and make sense of how they see the world?

Your grandparents were raised in Japanese occupied Korea until the end of World War II facing untold atrocities and most likely weren’t paragons of parenting.

Your parents were raised post Korean War still ravaged from World War II in extreme poverty.  No running water.  No electricity. Perhaps in a shack by today’s standards. They might as well been raised in the Great Depression in the 1920s.  But our parents were poorer.  They moved to a new country where they couldn’t even speak the language to forge a whole new life.

But they’ve made it, and you work for them.  And you’ve been raised in the shadow of the trauma they endured in their upbringing.  You are traumatized by the past devastation passed on from their parents, to your parents, and onto you.

Do you see your parents as war trauma victims?  Can you attempt to place yourselves in their childhood to see the devastation they had to endure?

To better understand the suffering they’ve endured will help us understand why they behave as they do.