Progressives Against Minority & Immigrant Owned Restaurants

This article, called “Survey: Half of Food Workers Go to Work Sick Because They Have To“, is an example of “good intentions” that ultimately hurt the minority small business owners and consolidate power to the crony-capitalists. Immigrants & minorities just can’t catch a break from this constant anti-business attack from Progressives. Combined with $15/hour minimum wage, this constant pounding away at coerced employee benefits will keep increasing the 60% failure rate within the first three years of a restaurant opening.

In 7 of 10 restaurants, entrepreneurs work alongside the rest of their staff. At least in Southern California, there are countless minority owned businesses where the owners themselves have limited English speaking ability. In fact, when I shop at Restaurant Depot for hotel breakfast supplies, the vast majority are minorities shopping for their mom-and-pop restaurants. This hardly fits the typical crony-capitalist corporations Progressives love to target as the “bad guys.” I thought Progressives were in support for minority rights?

Progressives care nothing about making it easier for minorities to start their own businesses and exit poverty. Through their zeal to ultimately crush any forms of employer-employee volunteerism, they blindingly shrink opportunities for minorities to be stuck working hourly wages in large corporations that will end up gaining market share. Of all industries, restaurants DEFINE upward mobility for minorities:

♦ Nine in 10: Restaurant managers who started at entry level.
♦ Eight in 10: Restaurant owners who started their industry careers in entry-level positions.

For further discussion on this “fringe benefit” push:


The main issue of concern is the norovirus.

If you spend an average $2,668 per year at restaurants, your current chance of getting norovirus is roughly 5.27% per year. This statistically comes to one incident every 19 years. So does the frequency match the magnitude to target the rights of minorities for this “public health” concern?

[Horrible Butchering of Stats: $709.2 billion in annual dining sales, 20 million norovirus cases, 70% from food workers. For now, we’re not going to question how the CDC got the 20 million figure despite the fact that only 56,000 actually are hospitalized. Someone smarter than me can explain how the estimates are made.]

If this is such a huge “public health” concern that is of ACTUAL concern of customers getting sick left and right, you’d see businesses advertising that they offer “paid sick leave” for their employees in order to obtain a competitive advantage. But since we don’t see this, perhaps one could believe that this is not real a concern to most people and this is MANUFACTURED fear in order to support an underlying agenda.

I suspect the frequency is of low enough amount that people consider “food poisoning” an accepted risk as it currently stands. This can hardly be considered an urgent “public health” issue requiring stripping rights away from minorities.

Obviously, it’s a very difficult task to link the source of illness and obtain the frequency of which customers are contracting diseases from contagious employees who come into work due to lack of “paid sick leave.” But without acknowledging this fact, the author attempts to make the implied link anyway.


Let’s put aside the real life magnitude of this problem and see if we can figure out a solution. Now the norovirus is a nasty little bugger since it remains contagious not only while symptoms exist, but “also during the first few days after you recover from norovirus illness.” So some questions:

QUESTION 1: How many food workers still come into work while having severe diarrhea and vomiting?
QUESTION 2: How many food workers wait more than “a few days after” recovery while still contagious?

“Being sick” as asked in the survey does not answer question #1. I’d imagine that while the symptoms exist it’s most contagious? Would it even be possible to hide the symptoms? From my experience with “food illness,” I’m not seeing the frequent possibility that an employee could have the energy or motivation to work essentially being glued to the toilet and laying prostate in between bouts of fluid expulsion. Also, it would seem that as a supervisor / employer, if one sees an employee symptomatic (AKA running to the bathroom frequently to both vomit and diarrhea, shivering, and pale skin) would probably send the employee immediately home. Heck, if I was employed and saw a co-worker symptomatic, I would report it to my supervisor. I wouldn’t want to get sick either!

So if we deduce that it’s not while the symptoms are strongest in which employees are coming to work while infected with norovirus, then it must be by some other means, which relates to question #2.

If norovirus is still contagious for a few days after recovery, it would seem to make sense that this is where the predominant spreading occurs. If an employee correctly determines they were extremely sick, they will go to work as soon as their symptoms become manageable to perform the duties of their job. This is where I believe the norovirus starts spreading, and at which point I’m not sure if even any major sick leave program could be effective.

In the State of California, due to the “Sick Leave Law” penalizing any sort of reprisal, the law essentially acts as mandated “paid time off.” As employers, we don’t want to risk the liability of demanding a doctor’s note and later getting in trouble from the State Agency. So we essentially consider the sick time on the “honor” system which will ultimately turn into “paid time off” in practice.

So in order to cover the 1 to 3 days of the illness getting better, we’ll need to tack on about 2 more days to avoid any contagion. So we’re essentially needing to mandate at least 5 days per year. We can assume there will be some “fudging” for employees to use “sick” days as “paid time off”, and that other kinds of sickness may occur throughout the year. It can be determined that any pre-measured sick time will be used up only for days in which the sickness is symptomatic. In other words, if you set sick time at 5 days per year, then if an employee uses 2 days for another sickness, then even with 3 days off with the norovirus, they still have 2 days of being contagious. This doesn’t solve the problem.

At what point is too much “sick”time offered? Perhaps two weeks? But if it ends up being on the “honor” system, essentially we’re requiring employers to provide paid vacation time. Certainly, we can expect a certain amount of “padding” of paid sick time if provided enough. And if employees “maximize” the padding for whatever “sickness” they feel, then in the interest of maximizing their “sick time” employees will attempt to come to work as soon as symptoms subside, which, if done in the case of norovirus, will not solve the contagious problem.

So then, we must now mandate that all employees, after being sick with diarrhea and vomiting, must wait at least two days after ending the symptoms to stay in self-quarantine until the contagious period is safely over. But, by what enforcement mechanism can we enforce this? Are the Employers now to become a the Police attempting to discover every symptom of an employee? Will personal medical records now become privy to the eyes of the Employer; privacy be damned? Will the State now punish Employers for allowing their employees to come back to work sooner than two days of which the Employee declares their symptoms to be over? Yet at the same time punishing employers for alleged reprisals of these very same employees restricted from coming back to work while allegedly contagious for which symptoms may or may not be disclosed?

Oh my. Laws, beget laws, beget laws, into continuum. All upon the backs of the minority entrepreneurs that already have a difficult time keeping their businesses profitable in today’s already complicated regulatory environment.

Never mind the small magnitude of the norovirus, the non-effectiveness of paid-sick time in actually preventing the spread of the norovirus, or the endless laws burdening the minority business owner in the guise of stopping this “public health” menace; the State works for the betterment of all at the expense of the few!


Above was the pragmatic reasons why “paid sick time” to combat norovirus is nonsense. On a principled stance, I see this as being a little more difficult to determine. Certainly, deliberately coughing into someone’s face while contagious should be considered initiation of aggression. But what about going to work while contagious?

It would seem that a customer who does get sick of norovirus from eating at a restaurant would have a very difficult time of tracing its origins. And even if traced without reasonable doubt, it seems to be irrational that a customer would then be able to morally justify recompense for lost wages of missed productive time.

I consider the numerous times I received a cold or flu while in school. It would seem inhumane for me to subsequently hold a gun to each sick student and tell them to evacuate the premises, “for my safety.” Or even if it were at work, I do not have the right to coerce co-workers to go home. Only the Employer can do so.

The magnitude of the risk, contagious factor, and severity of the contagion in question I believe makes this more of a pragmatic, rather than a principled question.

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My Conversion From a Statist to an Anarcho-Capitalist, & My Experience Engaging People on their Moral Principles Online

TLDR; Read this FREE 30 minute booklet and never see the world the same again:


Many of you who follow my posts (and follow other friends’ posts I comment on) know that for the past two months or so I’ve rigorously challenged and defended various non-aggression & Austrian Economics principles through dialectical discourse (also invited individuals to broadcast their views via video chat). In the background, I’ve spent 100+ hours contemplating all sides of the issue from various materials, including Marxist literature. I started from a Statist point of view, which comes naturally being thoroughly indoctrinated through mainstream media and public school. Even on a Political Science level at University of Washington, the views countering Statism were never taught or mentioned. Talk about biased education!

Then, the failed “War on Terror” and 2008 Financial Crisis, gave us all a jolt of the reality toward the Crony-Capitalist who control our corrupt government. And then, it comes to Ron Paul around 2012, to be the only politician who seems to be saying the truth we’ve all realized – that Government is the ultimate cause of these problems. And thus began my slow process of gaining a better understanding of what I always thought as “fringe” beliefs of the Libertarian philosophy. Being busy running my hotels, and making babies, I didn’t go too deep into the political philosophies.

I’ve recently received a “wake up” call. Within the past year or so, there’s been increase vocal support for $15/hour minimum wage, and essentially the “vilification” of employers as “exploiters.” It’s not enough to punish the perceived 1%, but to punish all other small business owners in the process. “Certainly, I am not one of THEM!” I exclaim, referring to crony-capitalists that have corrupted our government. Surely all the vitriol hate that is spewing from my friend’s Facebook feeds isn’t referring to me!?

But, oh wait. Guilty by association to Capitalism as a whole and individual liberty. And thus began my moral indignation toward spurring awareness that small business owners are NOT the enemy. Stop punishing the Asian immigrant Entrepreneurs for the sins of the crony-capitalists. Certainly, if there’s a form of “clean” Capitalism (of those who actually earn results of their blood, sweat, & tears), the Asian immigrant must embody it! If not them, then who?

Then, on August 13, 2015, all hell broke loose as I removed the last vestiges of my intellectual ignorance and become willing to explore “anarcho-capitalism.” The breadth of knowledge available to explore this previously profane area of “self-determination” and “non-aggression principle” for free has been staggering:

♦ Ron Paul
♦ Tom Woods
♦ Peter Schiff
♦ Penn Jillette
♦ Mises Institute
♦ Murray Rothbard
♦ Judge Napolitano
♦ Jason Stapleton

You can skip all the years of ignorance I did, and just spend 30 minutes or so reading this:


In the process of my active engagement with Statists (and those who support Bernie Sanders), I’ve discovered that there are some who see Government-initiated violence as a moral VIRTUE. It’s not even that they see it as a “necessary evil” to achieve pragmatic ends (for which I have more intellectual understanding toward), but that there is a “social contract” that acts as a moral “blank check” which overrides your ownership to your own body and the labor that extends from your body. Meaning, they see this “social contract” to morally justify their theft of your justly owned personal property and labor at the point of a gun. And if they take their thought to the logical end, this would require a world government, and mandate that you are morally responsible for every other person in the world that has ever existed in the past, present, and future.

I know some could argue I’m making these “straw men” up, but I can assure you (and present numerous conversations), that many believe it is their moral DUTY to take away your Natural Rights at the point of the gun. They have no moral hesitation to put you in prison or murder you if you refuse to fulfill your “social obligation.” If they are not personally willing to enforce their theft, they will be the coward and contract the responsibility to some other party so they don’t have to personally face their moral conscience (AKA the Government).

Whether you’re willing to be aware of it, or not: this is a war of ideas, and the stakes are whether you live as a slave to these Statists, or as a free person to self-organize. The stakes are for your children’s future; of whether your children ultimately live for the benefit of whom they voluntarily choose, or as slaves to the State (though to different degrees). The Statists have no hesitation to put you in jail and completely ruin your life for disagreeing with them on this “social contract.”

My attempts to engage many of these “Progressives” and Statists can be roughly categorized as intellectually lazy and ignorant. Here are the typical responses:

♦ Personal insults or redirection without actually addressing the issue (ie. “Way to over explain a joke.” “You’re just greedy.”)
♦ Silence

I want to be proven wrong through reason and intellect, but I also value my free time. I also realize that most individuals, in the end of the day, don’t operate with their intellect, but by some other means to justify their morality. I still desire to seek discourse to come to a better understanding of different ideologies, but I’m finding myself to have less patience for intellectual laziness, especially when information is so easily accessible through Wikipedia and Google.

(There is no benefit for me to publicly “call-out” these individuals since we are all guilty of these intellectual “sins” to one degree or another. And also, as being a former Statist myself, cognitive dissonance is a bitch. Though a necessary one.)

Minecraft is Capitalist Propaganda!

CONSUMER GOODS in which you consume to directly fulfill your ENDS are created with the combination of CAPITAL GOODS, TIME, & HUMAN LABOR.

CAPITAL GOODS are originally created by combining LABOR, NATURAL RESOURCES, and TIME.

So therefore, CAPITAL GOODS have no value within themselves except for the fact that they are a MEANS to create CONSUMER GOODS.

CAPITAL GOODS are essentially stored LABOR, NATURAL RESOURCES, and TIME. That means all CONSUMER GOODS are essentially stored LABOR, NATURAL RESOURCES, & TIME.


CAPITAL GOOD = Chopped Wood
CAPITAL GOOD = Fire Starter