Trump Agrees with Secret 28 Pages Report, So What?

What’s in those 28 pages that is so damaging that both Bush AND Obama don’t want it declassified?

Will Trump follow through on his promise to declassify if he is elected?

Will a direct link between the 15 out of 19 hijackers who were Saudi Arabians with the Saudi Government really matter to the US Public?

I doubt it.

At least if a Republican gets into office, it can bolster the anti-war movement, as much as it will become an anti-Trump movement. Anything to hinder productive Government action, I’ll support.

Is This Only For “Tax Cheats” And “Moochers”?

● Let them go anytime they want. Just don’t ever let them back in. And make sure they are paid up in all back taxes.

● Give up your US citizenship for money? Good riddance! Don’t let the door hit you on the butt on your way out.

● And stay out. Most of those people aren’t contributing anything to America. Good riddance.

● It’s moochers that are renouncing; mostly tax cheats.

● I view these people as quitters!!

The fallacious premise for the above statements is the “Social Contract.” AKA a Blank Check Progressives love to invoke to justify unlimited Government tyranny and ease their intellectually challenged brains to justify their envy and theft. And no, I’m not creating a “straw man” here as many of these individuals happen to be Bernie Sanders supporters.

Don’t be fooled or deterred by their hypocritical attacks of you simply being “Greedy” and “Selfish.” These are the same tactics used by SJW to silence you when they scream out, “RACIST BIGOT! BLACK LIVES MATTER.”‪#‎AllLivesMatter‬ ??? Nope. There’s a special place in hell for the “rich.”

Further questioning will reveal their premises violate the metaphysical laws of Reason:

● Identity
● Causality
● Non-Contradiction

These individuals tend to become unresponsive when I point out their fallacious thinking. It turns out people prefer to act immorally first, and then try and create a narrative, no matter how incoherent, to justify their actions and help them sleep at night.

How Seth Godin Inspired Me to Live Out Loud

How Seth Godin Manages His Life — Rules, Principles, and Obsessions

Listening to Seth Godin resonated with me and compels me to change away from the path of destruction, for which I would exchange the chance for additional monetary wealth with silence.

Out of fear that my anti-Statist and controversial views may prevent me from being approved for tax incentives in Puerto Rico for a 4% tax rate, I placed all my Facebook posts to “private.” I also stopped posting to my blog.

I then started to realize that if I were to be accepted into the tax incentive, move to Puerto Rico, and then discover that in order for me to maintain the special tax incentive would mean that I would have to keep my Free Market views secret, I realized that I could not live my life that way.

At least for a weirdo like me, who can see through the BS that is our society, the moral indignation alone would make me a miserable person.

How can I sit idly by and not at least bring to people’s attention the Truth for which I see. I’ve been imbued with a BIG MOUTH, and to silence that would silence my very being and self-expression.

Pointing out intellectual contradictions is an art form for me. For me to point out and mock the obvious seems to be my calling. Or at least, a hobby for which takes up significant time.

I’m a thinker. I’m a questioner. I’m a deviant.

And if that causes Puerto Rico to reject me, then it’s better now, than after I relocate my family.


Another thing that Seth Godin inspired me to do is to write more often on my blog. I already do so on my Facebook posts, but now I’m thinking I’ll primarily write on the blog first and then copy and paste into Facebook.

At least for now, I seem to be getting a lot more “reads” from my personal Facebook page.

I’ve also contemplated doing a morning Podcast with daily musings on current events and articles I read on At least for now, the time sink it requires and my inspiration seems to vary morning to morning. Sometimes, I don’t really have anything worthwhile to say for 30 minutes.

A Confession on My Snobbery

I feel I must confess publicly.

On one podcast months ago I remembered hearing someone smart say they never wasted their time arguing privately with a Socialist. I interpreted that to mean also Progressives and everyone else I disagree with. Also, I think he meant the die hard intellectual Socialists that teach in Universities, and not the normal people I actually interact with that aren’t as entrenched in their beliefs since most of the time they aren’t familiar with Volunteerism.

So I’ve been challenging people to broadcast our disagreements live through YouTube and my Podcast. All, except for one, always decline.

Stupid me, had I offered a private conversation, perhaps I could have gained better understanding. Plus, I suspect I actually may enjoy these challenging conversations.

Does that mean I will offer a private conversation via phone call once Facebook discussions become lengthy? Or is there perhaps value in forcing the discussion via Public posts on Facebook?

I do see benefit for the lurkers who read the exchanges via Facebook that may get undermined if I start taking intellectual discussions private.

Are there any of you who regularly switch to telephone to discuss controversial Facebook posts? Any tips on the underlying philosophy?

Anarchism and Radical Decentralization Are the Same Thing


It is a valid question to wonder about the practicalities of Volunteerism. Would it become every man for themselves? Absolutely not. People would voluntary come together as social units under rules / laws for which one truly “chooses” to reside where the cost for exit is relatively small. Marriage, having children, Religion, employment, professional organizations, opening a business, etc. are one of many areas for which we voluntarily exchange our individual freedoms for benefits we perceive as being greater than the freedoms sacrificed.

One measurement toward how much you truly “choose” to transact with another individual is the level that you can simply “opt out,” say “no,” or move away.

The Founding Fathers had the concept right to provide for States to give more “choices” to its citizens. It’s unfortunate that the 10th Amendment has been disregarded causing the monopoly we call the Federal Government. Luckily we’re seeing more instances of State Nullification, a trend for which I hope occurs more often. The Free State Project provides a beacon of hope for New Hampshire and Act 20 / 22 to pay only 4% tax in Puerto Rico are other great options now available.

Anti-Capitalist Technologists

Individuals who decry “greed” as the great “sin” in our society, do so while typing on their smartphones / computers, using the Internet, and social media that’s been fueled by this very same “evil” that they decry.

And let’s not forget all the other advances in technology fueled by this great evil known as “greed” that these individuals also use on a daily basis.

They should be consistent in their moral views and live a life without “greed” which would require them to live without any personal possessions and in a technological state equal to direct subsistence from the land.

If only these “anti-greed” evangelists could hold up a mirror and see the true nature of their hearts: “envy.” They believe “income inequality” within itself is a “bad thing” when even the poorest person’s standard of living is better off thanks to “greed.”

If only these individuals could see that “wealth” is not a zero-sum game. One man’s riches, is not another man’s loss. One man’s riches is gained because they provided a benefit to another individual in a mutually beneficial, voluntary exchange. This also assumes no Government intervention that holds a gun to your head and makes a monetary transaction involuntary.

City Level Bureaucracy Setting “Policy”

When I was attempting to run a night club out of one my hotels, I was shocked to see the extent that City bureaucrats and certain police officers exercised power that went above common sense.

One example, I was brought in and lectured about how my $2 beer advertisements were too low, and they wanted me to discontinue the “cheap alcohol” policy. They received the complaint “anonymously.” I pointed out I got the pricing from the local competitors.

Second example, I had Karaoke, and the police came in and shut it down because I didn’t have a “live music” permit.

Third example, I was lectured that I shouldn’t be attracting “those kinds of people” into my nightclub when my alcohol pricing matched my competition.

Fourth example, the same police officer who shut down the Karaoke, also shut down a pool party that was starting at my hotel because I didn’t have the proper permits. Of course, the police officer preferred to enforce the shut down notice just before the party began to maximize the disruption.

How naive for me to believe that I could be left alone if I wasn’t bothering other people and providing a wanted service. Instead bureaucrats and their cronies decide to exercise their authority because they get off on control and power. Power is a drug and those addicted seem to be attracted to Government.

The Fat-Burning Hormone & Low-Carb / Ketosis Diet

This is one major area in which I became extremely angry at the lies spread through government propaganda (AKA public school): low fat diet. And crony capitalism in which the agriculture and vegetarian agendas coopted generations of sugar addicts through the State.

After watching the “Fat Head” documentary on Netflix and discovering r/keto, I actually started doing my own research to discover I’ve been living a lie.


Once I switched to a high fat, low carb diet, my quality of life drastically improved. Mental clarity, hunger endurance, energy levels, weight loss, and the full richness of full fat food were some benefits. Fancy that evolution / God designed our bodies to consume the tastiest parts of animals (Fat) to operate optimally.

Consider this: if politicians overall, can’t be trusted, why would you take on face value the government beuracrats and scientists hired by these very same politicians? Especially public school. The Government is a sham perpetuated by the elites in order to control you, and not to benefit you.

Question everything, especially beliefs that are being indoctrinated through the use of Government funds ultimately controlled by the elite and special interests. The evils of fat and harmless nature of carbs is but one lie of many.

Senator Paul Reveals Who Killed Audit the Fed Bill

On a vote along party lines, only two Democrats voted to Audit the Fed. Bernie Sanders was one of them. Despicable.

Democrats in bed with Wall Street bailouts. That’s right. The Democrats don’t want “meddling” from Congress by an organization CREATED by Congress.

“If we allow oversight of the Fed, it could become more difficult to funnel trillions to failed bankers.” – @RudyHavenstein

On the other hand, it is surprising that all Republicans, minus one, voted in favor of the bill. We’re getting closer to revealing all the shadiness that goes on in the Federal Reserve.