Don’t Glorify Government Violence

A causal link between State violence and mass shootings? I’m skeptical how strong of a link. Might as well say Global Warming is the cause of Terrorism. Interesting perspective nonetheless.

It is interesting to observe the blindness by which people defend the morality of State violence not on Principled grounds but on Pragmatic grounds. For them, the ends justify the means. To me, they’re just thugs, or intellectually lazy (intentional?).

There’s also psychological barriers to remaining blind to Statists’ own immorality, for which I’m still reflecting on. How does one use rational means to break down another’s self-imposed delusion due to cognitive dissonance? I’m coming to the realization that you don’t waste your time.

I’m the delusional one to expect people to act and believe rationally (or at least honestly). Why do I get frustrated when people act irrationally? Why do I continue and believe it’s worth the effort to engage? Perhaps it’s because the alternative of sitting and doing nothing as the Statists run rampant and commit immoral acts is intolerable.

What is it inside of me that sees injustice and is compelled to act, to never surrender?

Is the cause of Liberty and Freedom something I’m willing to go all the way and die for?

From a purely material point of view, I’m having a net loss. Despite this, I’m still compelled to speak for the moral imperative. This is a similar conviction I had in college as a Christian that some would say is the conviction of the Holy Spirit, but I did a lot of dumb ass things that I regret.

In this case, my reasoning and emotional conviction are in line. I’m not sure how much in line they were for me in college. Will I later look with regret at my current zealousness with Individualism, liberty, and personal property the same way I look back with regret at my time in college?

Where Do Liberal and Conservative Skepticism of Liberty Come From?

I’ve had a chance to discuss various issues with neoconservatives and progressives, and the origins of their beliefs are accurately discussed on this podcast. The frequent surface disagreements originate from differences in fundamental axioms about the nature of man.

What To Be Thankful For

So many unanswered questions and moral hypocrisy.

Thanks to the Internet, the Truth of government corruption is being revealed and an awakening is occurring across the world against the tyranny of government.

Just as Jesus railed against the religious hypocrisy of Pharisees and Martin Luther against the Catholic Church, can we not see the moral hypocrisy of our own Government overlords?

Today, I’m thankful that the government can never take away our inalienable right for life, liberty, and personal property. As free creatures made in God’s image and likeness, we are free to reject man-made government.

War With Russia to Defend ISIS?

So, I’m scratching my head wondering why in the hell Turkey would shoot down a Russian jet. Turkey’s reasons make no sense (Granted Russia flying so close to the border is dumb within itself). So two possibilities arise:

1) The Turkish attack was a result of only Turkish incompetence.
2) The Turkish attack is being motivated by ulterior motives not being openly discussed.

For #1, I can’t imagine anyone is this short-sighted. There’s dumb, and then there’s DUMB. If you don’t know how DUMB the Turkey attack was, check out: and other sources explaining how nonsensical the Turkish account is.

For #2, crap. Did Turkey get the “green light” from someone in Washington, D.C.? That’s the next plausible explanation. If they are half-way competent in Turkey, there’s no way in hell they would shoot down a Russian jet unless they KNEW they had bigger guns backing them, which defaults to the US.

I wasn’t awake enough for the shit-show of the case for Operation Iraqi Freedom, but I’d imagine I’d be getting deja vu of machinations playing before our very eyes for Syria.

What kind of crazy games are our politician overlords playing? Is Assad such a great threat that it’s worth defending ISIS from Russia?

It’s times like this that I’m glad ‪#‎WikiLeaks‬ is around. Someone needs to leak the cable or communication where Turkey got the “green light” to shoot down the Russian jet from the US.

[Heck, maybe US and Russia are in cohoots on this together and this is the “World Shadow Government’s” attempt to consolidate power into the hands of the few. OK, I’ll admit I’ve been listening to too much ‪#‎AlexJones‬. I’m not convinced there exists enough evidence to support a World Shadow Government.

Maybe life is all just a VR simulation.]

Promoting Democracy by Initiating Violence

You see, America loves democracy so damn much, that the US is fully prepared to impose it upon recalcitrant countries by force. Sure, that may seem oxymoronic, but it’s really just well meaning paternalism. After all, what better way to endear the local population to an occupying force and sow the seeds for the establishment of democratic institutions than to come in shooting after you’ve leveled a couple of cities with cruise missiles and airstrikes?

Public Indoctrination

For Public Education, I see its primary function as a means to teach technical skills and abilities for which will be directly translated into the productive work force. Public Education should not be used to indoctrinate or act as surrogate parents teaching morality or producing a “sheepish” mentality to “respect State authority.” Teaching “social skills” are also something I don’t believe should be the function of the State, as “social skills” is ultimately a very subjective matter as our SJW-brethren accurately point out.

From this perspective stems the understanding that Public Schools are filled with tremendous layers of waste and fluff. Also, it can be understood that there are much more cost effective means to obtain these goals through Internet resources.

The less time my kids can spend in the Public Indoctrination system, the better. Hopefully they will be intellectually curious enough on their own accord that they will desire to skip the endless amounts of BS in middle school / high school for which I support.

I suppose then, that my biggest responsibility is to counter the influence of State indoctrination, and encourage my children to challenge the “Establishment” and question everything and anyone. Especially me.

Paris Attacks Are Just Part of the Game for Global “Leaders”

If a drone destroyed your child’s school or a mall where your loved ones were shopping (or even a hospital) would you not feel a sense of overwhelming rage and a desire to “get back” at whoever sent that drone? I am not suggesting such actions motivated by revenge are justified, but rather simply pointing out that this desire for revenge is a natural, primal human response. So given this knowledge, why do we keep throwing rocks at the hornet’s nest if we know the hornets will without fail sting us?

The Source of Social Justice Warrior’s Lack of Critical Thinking

If you think about the implications of the distorted views of the current “Social Justice Movement” at college campuses, it does lead you to wonder where these students learned this behavior. The Public School system comes to my mind immediately. From 1997 – 2001, in Shorewood High School, I never learned this kind of authoritarian style of Justice, and I was part of some clubs on campuses that were Progressive in nature.

Are High Schools now fundamentally different? The terms “trigger warning” and “micro-regressions” have really only sprung up in the last two years. Have they been brewing under the surface at High Schools previous to this as “learned behavior?”

I hope that in the next 7 years, by the time Chloe goes into Middle School / High School, that I will have the option to opt out of the Public School System, get my $10,000 back per year, per child, and to educate my children as I see fit (private or home school).

If Education is a “right” (which I would question) then shouldn’t one have the “right” to choose which School to put your child in and subsequently be able to self-direct the tax dollars taken away at the point of a gun?

If Universities are supposed to be the bastion / pinnacle of “free thinking” then how much worse is it really in public High Schools?

This is very concerning, but luckily, I have quite a bit of time to sort it out.