Mars Hill Church & My $30,000 Mistake


I haven’t been following Mark Driscoll for a while, but I did once donate about $30,000 to the church being a member since the Orange County campus plant. This was an accumulation of “tithe” money over numerous years. I did this out of my understanding that around 2006, that Mark had preached that he was one of many elders that could be voted out.

At the time I donated the money and had joined the newly planted Orange County church, I was not aware that the government structure of the church had changed to provide consolidation of power to Mark Driscoll so that he could no longer be “voted out.” Had I done my research into the governance structure transition, I would not had monetarily participated.

Personally, Mark Driscoll never did anything to me that I could hold him morally responsible for. It is within his full, moral right to change the governance structure for which he founded.

It wasn’t until I started noticing the inherently structural weaknesses of the unhealthy pace of growth of the church, causing very brittle relationships and conflicts to occur, that was brought to my attention by the outgoing, “founding” Orange County campus pastors (ie. Kyle Firstenberg and Dave Kraft), that I dropped out.

One thing I regret is that I turned off my intellect and failed to ask questions from the beginning. Had I applied as much scrutiny to the church as I do to the State today, I would had not been so surprised. Never again will I be part of an organization without a full understanding of its governance structure and areas of weakness. Never again will I cease to be vigilant. There is no institution or organization which is invulnerable to corruption and folly.

Yes, this may seem like “duh” to all of you, but to me as an “obedient” and “non-divisive” church “member,” I will admit that I turned off my brain in that one.

No one ever held a gun to my head to hand over the cash. I did it of my own free will and idiocy.