My Daily Tech Gear

Since July 2007, I’ve been building my optimal workspace to manage my hotels. Let me know if you have any specific questions on my setup, and I can make a video on it.

[NOTE: I placed links to the products that I use because that’s where I purchased the items listed below. I also get a percentage of whatever you purchase by clicking through those links. Thanks for your support!]



I have yet to find one as cost effective, ergonomic, and with as many extra programmable buttons as this one.

The extra buttons make it easier to program window moving shortcuts and tab window browser manipulation.

I liked the ergonomics of this and this seems to work all the way into the other room. I also really like its charging base, though you’ll have to make a minor modification to fit your earpiece at the same time. The price was right as well.

Extremely affordable and the range with my headset lets me go all the way into the other room.

6 Ports of Mini Display Ports. It’s a necessary evil unless you want to get a motherboard with dual PCIe slots and purchase two graphics cards (Which I was tempted to do, except for the fact that my CPU is a discontinued socket). There aren’t really any other options until super affordable MST Hubs start coming out.

Any time you go above two DVI/VGA/HDMI displays out the back of a SINGLE card, you need an ACTIVE adapter to connect any ADDITIONAL monitors. So unless your monitor natively supports DisplayPort, you’re going to have to buy some of these adapters.

Generic brand, but gets the job done and seems to be pretty cheap. Trust me. You’ll need all the ports you can get.

I actually have two of the S1500 older model of this version, but it’s now discontinued. I HIGHLY recommend the old model, and when it comes to replacing my existing units, I’ll most likely purchase the newer version.

You’ll need these to put your monitors in “Portrait” position. I have two of them. You can also use arms from that are much cheaper, but they may not be able to reach far enough forward like I have for my setup.

You could possibly go with a smaller one, but you’ll want to double check the dimensions. With the ergonomic keyboard and extra mouse pad, it can get to be a tight fit if you don’t plan appropriately.

• 4x 24″ 1080P Monitors (Pricing Here)

• 1x 27″ 2560 x 1440 Auria Monitor (Bought from MicroCenter)

• 1x 46″ 1080P Monitor For Staff Meetings (Pricing Here)

• Humanscale Freedom Chair with Headrest (Pricing Here)



• AutoHotKey (For Easy Keyboard Mapping)

• Logitech and Microsoft Default Mouse and Keyboard Software

• DisplayFusion (For Multi Monitor Taskbars)

• GQueues (Task Management and Delegation via “Getting Things Done” Methodology)

• Microsoft Outlook

• Skype (Only $2.95/Month for Unlimited Outgoing Calls!)

• Google Voice (For Speedier Text Messaging)

• Google Docs (For Easier Collaboration with Staff)

• LastPass (For Password Management)



• Dvorak Keyboard Layout
The more efficient keyboard layout versus QWERTY.  Here’s my demonstration.