On White vs Asian Culture

I have special insight toward the Collectivist cultures of South East Asians and Indians (dot not feather). The only Individualists I’ve seen arise from those kinds of cultures are those who have disavowed. They have no choice. To be an Individualist in a Collectivist culture means to be pariah. “The nail that sticks out gets hammered.”
Why do you think there are so little minorities in the Liberty movement? It’s not because Liberty is INHERENTLY Racist. It’s because the ONLY way for someone to be INDIVIDUALIST requires them to DISAVOW their entire social / familial / cultural roots (ie. Collectivism). That’s a real hard sell except for the most hardcore of Individualists. Who is willing to limit their sexual, mating partners unless they have some sort of sexual advantage (ie. intelligence, looks, money, etc.)?
If the ultimate goal is Individualism (rather than Collectivism) in a Governmental system, then why would you want to allow the importation of Collectivists into a “Tyranny of the Masses” (AKA Democracy) system?
The cause of Individualism would’ve been better preserved if voting rights were limited to groups of people that statistically speaking, skew on the side of Individualism. The data suggests that the original, White, male land-holders were generally an accurate metric for Individualistic preferences in Government.
It is for this reason that I proudly say I disavow my Korean culture. I embrace White culture. Historically / Culturally speaking (not genetics per se), Individualism arose from the West, and not the East.
My children will be raised to recognize Individualism / Collectivism in various cultures. Hopefully they will disavow Collectivism and the cultures that support it. It just so happens that White cultures are the ONLY ones who embrace Individualism.

Rhetoric, Dialectic, Pseudo-Dialectic Debate (Individualism vs Collectivism)

I have to give credit to Vox Day (@VoxDay) and his book “SJWs Always Lie: Taking Down the Thought Police”, specifically Chapter 10, in helping me reframe many of the discussions I’ve attempted to have with various colleagues on Facebook.

Yes, I can already feel your eyes roll. I was THAT naive to believe everyone operated on the Dialectic level.


Overly Simplistic Definitions:

Dialectic – inquiry into metaphysical contradictions and their solutions. Aristotle tradition of inquiry.

Rhetoric – language designed to have a persuasive or impressive effect on its audience, but often regarded as lacking in sincerity or meaningful content.

Pseudo-Dialectic – speech that uses some Dialectic keywords but in nonsensical / contradictory ways to amount to Rhetoric substance


If you’re a masochist, read on, and see if you can locate examples of each type. One is in picture form, and the other is in copy-pasta form.


Lazy Man’s Experiment in Making YouTube Videos & Monetizing Them ($100/month)

At some point a couple years ago, I decided that it would be interesting to experiment to see how much money I could get by posting YouTube videos and making ad revenue. I also setup an Amazon referral account so that I could get referral income.

I primarily used Open Broadcasting Software, my cell phone, or a camcorder that sat on a tripod.

TL;DR: You can make money, but the time invested may not be worth your time unless you really enjoy it, or if you have a lot of free time on your hand.

Some of the top videos I have were of me simply fumbling around. My general strategy was low-effort, first-take, minimal editing sort of videos. Because I was simply experimenting with no idea what would be popular or not, I simply just did a shotgun approach. I really dislike editing videos and the thought of putting large amounts of effort that ultimately resulted in very little views / ad revenue, appealed very little to me.

I was primarily interested in seeing how my low-effort videos could profit me.

The results are fairly surprising.


#1) $332.40 – Swann HD 1080P IP Bullet Camera SWNHD-820CAM: Impressions Review Setup HIKVISION DS-2CD2032-I

#2) $191.08 – Terro Liquid Ant Baits in Action (Extreme Closeup) 

#3) $164.81 – Fortress Security Store S02-B Wireless Home Security Alarm System Kit Review 

#4) $157.44 – Potty Training Dance Song – Poop Goes in the Toilet – Poop Song – Potty Song

#5) $142.53 – How to Speed Up Your D-Link DIR-655 Wireless Router (Dropped Connections) 

#6) $77.26 – How to Setup Email Notifications for Hikvision / Swann NVR with Gmail 1080p 

#7) $66.59 – TENVIS JPT3815 Wireless IP Camera Unboxing, Installation, Testing with Android Phone & Tablet (Pt.1) 

#8) $62.10 – UTG Pro Super Slim vs. Quad Rail Free Float Handguard, 13-Inch Comparison 

#9) $55.97 – How I Personally Allocate my Roth IRA Investments for Free Through Vanguard Using Index Funds 

#10) $54.00 – How to Install Pegboard over Drywall for Under $20 (Pt 1) [Raw Footage] 


You’d better believe I get a lot of haters on YouTube. And you pretty much have to ignore them. I know these are low-effort videos. In my opinion, that’s why there’s a 2x speed playback and the option for you to jump around to different sections that are useful!

The peculiar thing about all of this is that I think I ended up making more money than I expected and for some of the most surprising videos that I didn’t expect it to. Now, mind you, many of these videos were made possibly more than 3 years ago.

For my children, at least, I’m now a believer. It sure beats doing a part-time job. I’ll encourage them to monetize YouTube videos.

I tend to be overconfident, so it doesn’t bother me to publicly embarrass my incompetence to the world and then be made fun of online. It’s also made me much more comfortable on my political commentary.

I’m sure there are more focused, profitable ways to monetize YouTube. Those require higher effort and focus, for which I did not have the passion or energy levels for. If you have that passion and drive (and hunger to edit videos with multiple takes), I’m sure you can make much more money than I ever did with my shotgun, lazy man’s approach.

For those of you lazy like me, just start hitting that record button for every little thing that goes on in your life, and you may be surprised (like me) what videos end up paying out.

See my other low-effort YouTube videos: YouTube.com/jeffersonkim

Find my low-effort websiteJeffersonKim.com

Message to Fed Up Korean-American Men: You Are Not Alone

You are not alone.

You’ve been cowed and told to keep your mouth shut, Politically Correct, and be a good little boy. You’ve become their slaves.

Aggressive, easily offended, and overly emotional women have browbeat you into submission should you step out of line. Their beta, male lackeys who want to be socially accepted, White-Knight in a volley of low-testosterone, name-calling.


Notice one word missing from this: TRUTH.

Facts don’t care about their feelings. This is their weakness.


I’ve been hearing from many of you and I will keep your identities secret. You realize you’ve been oppressed too long. Told to stay silent while SJWs have overtaken your church, workplace, and your “friends.”

You live in fear.

You live in fear that if they truly knew what you thought that you would be outnumbered, ostracized, yelled at, and even physically assaulted.

You look at how many “likes” Trump-bashing posts receive, and you are intimidated into silence. You may not even really support Trump, but agree with some of the things he points out. You KNOW anything short of OUTRIGHT opposition on a minor Trump statement will result in your figurative castration.

But you realize you’ve already been castrated. You’ve been castrated the moment you stepped into public school, Korean school, Korean church, and even how your Korean parents raised you.

– Tradition, Ritual, Piety to your Elders, Ancestor Worship
– Confucius Christianity

The Government is your God.

And woe to you, who dare question what has been Established. Obey the leaders whom have been mandated by God. Not the literal God, but the God of Democracy. The God of Government.

Your individual life does not matter to the collective.

Your individual thoughts, freedoms, liberties matter not to the greater good.

Social Obedience is more important than Truth. Feelings more important than Facts.

You have become ruled.


So what must be done?

Learn in secret. Do not reveal your true thoughts. Do not lose your family, friends, church, or even job. At least not now. Not until the time is ready.

I don’t need your “likes.” Your “likes” will only get you in trouble. I speak because it’s the Truth. I’m compelled by a force I have yet to be put a name on. And I’m disgusted by the power and control they want to have over me.

Begin listening and learning all the forbidden knowledge you’ve been told to avoid all your life. The more forbidden, the better.

Scott Adams, Tom Woods, Lew Rockwell, Stefan Molyneux, Vox Day, Milo Yiannopoulos and more. There are entire channels on YouTube devoted to socially unacceptable knowledge.

If you learn something that was never taught to you, then you can be sure it’s something they don’t WANT you to know.

Stay woke. Stay vigilant. Quietly support those fighting against the enslaving narrative.

And know, most of all: You are not alone.

No One Cares About the Founding Fathers and Constitution

On the latest round table discussion, one of the panelists said something striking (to the effect):

“People don’t care about the Founding Fathers or the Constitution. Once you mention it, they’ve already shut down.”

I admit that I find it intellectually infuriating, however, I’ve come toward accepting it more as reality. I catch myself frequently attempting to appeal to things for which most people find irrelevant.

Not sure what to do about that reality. Those who already care for the Founding Fathers or the Constitution are essentially “on our side.”

My interest in the founding Fathers increased only after starting to look at the world in the Liberty v Tyranny lens. I was so ignorant, that for a long stretch of my life I was slightly embarrassed to had been named after the Slave rapist Jefferson who allegedly fathered illegitimate children. Now, I enjoy using Jefferson’s name as a jumping off point to express my love for Liberty.

After Tom Woods, Ron Paul, Mises, & Lew Rockwell, I find it ironic that Thomas Jefferson is more of a Father to me than my own biological father who named me after Thomas Jefferson!

Approved for Act 20 Decree in Puerto Rico!

Whoa. Woke up this morning with an email from OECI saying that my Act 20 Application was approved. Checked on the online applications site and saw my company now showing as active.

Original file date was February 18, which means it took 4.5 months from File date to Approval.

This journey began in January this year, so the whole journey took less than 6 months.

Video is below.

The Toxic Mentality of “Living Wage” Destroying the Lives of Young People

How many employees and applicants secretly resent their employers for not paying ‪a “‎living wage‬?” Do you think it may affect their job performance negatively and noticeably?

One of many reasons why turnover has been so high. The young people have been infected by an “entitled” mentality brought to a religious fervor by the latest election cycle (ie. BLM, SJW, Bernie Sanders, etc.). Just look at how crazy the college campuses have been.

It’s even worse here in California where $15/hour minimum wage has already passed.

They’re only shooting themselves in the foot when future employers see they can’t maintain a steady job. It’s that same short-sightedness that sets them off on “trigger” warnings in the first place. Our precious, little snow flakes can’t take the reality that it’s what they PRODUCE for the employer that dictates the amount they get paid.

Puerto Rico Act 20 / 22 Tax Incentive – Why So Little Interest?

Only 669 Act 20 / 22 Decrees Approved in 2015. I discuss my thoughts on why there are so few and my predictions on its future in light of Black Lives Matter, Social Justice Warriors, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump.

Facebook Group for Act 20 / 22:

My Act 20 / 22 Video Series:


Moving to Puerto Rico for Act 20 / 22 Tax Incentive: Live Free or Die

I posted this cover photo in a Facebook group I started [Act 20 / 22 Puerto Rico Tax Incentive Forum (Moderated)] and posted this statement along with the image.

I’m debating whether or not I should put such a politically charged image for this group. Let there be no illusions that the PRIMARY reason for your move is to save on your income taxes. You will face challenges to live in Puerto Rico, including the vilification by many of your peers (and strangers) for participating in a “tax haven” and for not paying your “fair share” to society (AKA “social contract”).

If you cannot come to grips with freeing yourself from Government tyranny (which is the initiation of force to expropriate your wealth, AKA Taxes), then the cognitive dissonance of “avoiding your social responsibility” will ultimately cause you to fail in the transition (I know of at least one example).

In other words, unless you’ve been deprogrammed from the public education system and mass media to see taxes for what they are (the legal theft of your 100% rightfully earned gains through voluntary means), the cognitive dissonance and guilt you’ll feel will ultimately result in you giving up and moving back to the States.

If “Live Free or Die” makes you uncomfortable, then you will want to question your premises before you make the move for your own mental health. If you embrace “Live Free or Die,” then the extra freedom you gain from having less expropriation will result in increased mental health. I also imagine you’re getting as excited as I am with the anticipation of better ways you could utilize the tax savings than the Government could.

For resources to help you get deprogrammed, I recommend the following, extreme remedies: