How to Select an Audio Source for Logitech C920 on Webcam Software “Quick Capture” Trick

I noticed that when you selected “Quick Capture” on the system with my Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 and tried to record a video, it kept defaulting to the actual C920 built in microphone. So with some fiddling, I figured out you have to disable all the other recording devices (except for the one you want, and another “dummy” recording source), and manipulate the settings to make it work. Hopefully this video helps you a little.

I’m running Windows 7 64-Bit.

Review of the Samsung HM7000 and Medialink USB Bluetooth Adapter Together

I use the Samsung HM7000 Bluetooth Wireless Handsfree Headset and the Medialink USB Bluetooth Adapter together with Skype so that I can have hands free calling on the computer.

Make sure you install the drivers that come with the Medialink!

You can get them on Amazon through these links:

You can see the rest of the hardware I use here:


Watch QWERTY vs DVORAK Keyboard Typing Test Back-to-Back

You’ll be able to see back-to-back, a 2 minute typing test between QWERTY first and DVORAK second and see how much less my fingers move overall. You can especially see the difference in my left hand which is where all the vowels are located underneath the middle row.

I can type 90 WPM comfortably in DVORAK with minimal strain, whereas, if I were to try it in QWERTY, my fingers will ache a whole lot more.

I have yet to meet another person in real life that also knows how to type DVORAK. I learned DVORAK on my own when I had a lot of extra time on my hands while in the Air Force. Thanks US TAX PAYERS!!!

Overview of My 7 Monitor Work Computer Setup


Since July 2007, I’ve been building my optimal workspace to manage my hotels. Let me know if you have any specific questions on my setup, and I can make a video on it.

[NOTE: I placed links to the products that I use because that’s where I purchased the items listed below. I also get a percentage of whatever you purchase by clicking through those links. Thanks for your support!]


Neo-Flex LCD Stands

You’ll need these to put your monitors in “Portrait” position. I have two of them. You can also use arms from that are much cheaper, but they may not be able to reach far enough forward like I have for my setup.

Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000

I have yet to find one as cost effective, ergonomic, and with as many extra programmable buttons as this one.

Logitech G700 Wireless Gaming Mouse

The extra buttons make it easier to program window moving shortcuts and tab window browser manipulation.

Waterloo Premium Arm, Keyboard & Mouse Tray Package

You could possibly go with a smaller one, but you’ll want to double check the dimensions. With the ergonomic keyboard and extra mousepad, it can get to be a tight fit if you don’t plan appropriately.

Samsung HM7000 Bluetooth Headset

I liked the ergonomics of this and this seems to work all the way into the other room. I also really like its charging base, though
you’ll have to make a minor modification to fit your earpiece at the same time. The price was right as well.

Medialink USB Bluetooth Adapter

Extremely affordable and the range with my headset lets me go all the way into the other room.

VisionTek 7750 Eye 6 Display Card

6 Ports of Mini Display Ports. It’s an unecessary evil unless you want to get a motherboard with dual PCIe slots and purchase two graphics cards (Which I was tempted to do, except for the fact that my CPU is a discontinued socket). There aren’t really any other options until super affordable MST Hubs start coming out.

ACTIVE Mini-DisplayPort to DVI Adapters

Anytime you go above two DVI/VGA/HDMI displays out the back of a SINGLE card, you need an ACTIVE adapter to connect any ADDITIONAL monitors. So unless your monitor natively supports DisplayPort, you’re going to have to buy some of these adapters.

7-Port USB Hub

Generic brand, but gets the job done and seems to be pretty cheap. Trust me. You’ll need all the ports you can get.

Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 Scanner

I actually have two of the S1500 older model of this version, but it’s now discontinued. I HIGHLY recommend the old model, and when it comes to replacing my existing units, I’ll most likely purchase the newer version.

• 4x 24″ 1080P Monitors (Pricing Here)

• 1x 27″ 2560 x 1440 Auria Monitor (Bought from MicroCenter)

• 1x 46″ 1080P Monitor For Staff Meetings (Pricing Here)

• Humanscale Freedom Chair with Headrest (Pricing Here)

• AutoHotKey (For Easy Keyboard Mapping)

• Logitech and Microsoft Default Mouse and Keyboard Software

• DisplayFusion (For Multi Monitor Taskbars)

• GQueues (Task Management and Delegation via “Getting Things Done” Methodology)

• Microsoft Outlook

• Skype (Only $2.95/Month for Unlimited Outgoing Calls!)

• Google Voice (For Speedier Text Messaging)

• Google Docs (For Easier Collaboration with Staff)

• LastPass (For Password Management)

• Dvorak Keyboard Layout
The more efficient keyboard layout versus QWERTY

Published My First App After Watching YouTube Tutorials for a Week

I originally posted this on Reddit sometime in August.

 I just wanted to encourage people thinking about learning to develop apps that you can learn to program Android Apps after a relatively minimal amount of training.

I went through about 50 lessons at: starting last Wednesday. By this past Tuesday, I felt I had learned enough and went ahead and developed a very simple app that I eventually published in about two days.


  • I did take some basic courses in Java back in college, about two classes, but that was back in 2001.
  • I’m fairly practiced in the “copy and paste” methodologies and Googling concepts for HTML, CSS, for various WordPress Blogs I maintain.

Even if you’re not as “tech savvy” as I am, I believe that you could develop your own app and publish it within a month if you have enough diligence and are willing to push yourself.

I’d actually say developing Android apps is MUCH easier than trying to develop straight Java. I was thinking I’d have to learn Java before learning to develop for Android, but I think I saved myself TONS of headache by jumping straight in.

Android has a bunch of build in libraries that essentially speed up the development process and ease the learning curve!

I think I’d get more discouraged if I tried to develop a GUI for Android strictly using Java commands. Using the XML instead makes things a lot easier (for a newb like me).

Anyway, now that I saw that developing isn’t impossible (thanks to StackOverflow, reference libraries, etc 🙂 ), I see that it’s more about how much time I actually want to invest in developing apps.

Now if I could only had converted my 400 hours playing Shogun 2 and Civilization V into developing Apps (and the hundreds playing other games), I may had been much richer by now 🙁

Unemployment From a Business Owner’s Perspective in California

NOTE: You can always fire an employee “at will.”  It’s just unemployment you have to be concerned about.



If you didn’t already know, employers help pay a percentage of their payroll into the California Unemployment pool.  From that pool, ex-employees get their unemployment.  Unlike pregnancy leave, social security, and medicare, it’s the EMPLOYERS and not employees that end up paying into the unemployment pool.  So you have to be mindful that you’re not firing people like crazy unless you don’t care about paying larger sums of money into the unemployment pool.

The California Employment Development Department keeps track of what percent of your pool has been paid out, and the higher the ratio (more payouts) the higher amount of money you have to put back into the pool.



If an employee leaves a job for any other reason EXCEPT for “willful misconduct” or quitting WITHOUT “good cause,” then they will most likely get unemployment.



Even if an employee voluntarily quits, they can still get unemployment if the have a “good cause.”

Here are some more “good cause” reasons for people to quit:

For example, I had an employee that voluntarily quit so that they could move out of state to take care of their ill child.  They got unemployment.

Or if you cut an employee’s rate of pay more than 20% and they quit, they will get unemployment!



The burden is on the employer to prove “willful misconduct” for why you fired an employee.  You want to have as much written records to support your claim.  I generally try and get 1 verbal warning, and two written/signed warnings within a relatively short period before terminating employment.

Even if they miss one day, it may not be enough to disqualify them from unemployment.

There was this instance where an employee was stealing checks for the last year they were working (story about that later), but I didn’t find out until AFTER they were terminated.  Even though I brought that up to the administrative judge’s attention, they still got unemployment!  The odds definitely are stacked in the employees’ favor.

To get more information on unemployment or before you decide to fire anyone, I recommend you read the information here to minimize your unemployment liability.

National Cash Systems Review, Irvine, CA

UPDATE (October 15, 2012)
After numerous back and forth emails and delays over a span of about a month, I discovered why I was originally charged such a large amount. They charged me $125/hour for each ATM and then tacked on an additional one hour long driving charge for each upgrade. So I got charged two hours of $125 each for driving time for my two ATMs that were 10 minutes apart, while the actual upgrades took about 20 minutes and 30 minutes.

In any case, they just contacted me to issue me a refund for one of the driving times.

I’m currently with National Cash Systems as my ATM Processor and up until about this past month, I would recommend them to other people.  After two years of not really needing to call them for anything, they start taking this hyper aggressive, “I will take your money and you will thank me for it” approach on things.

Unfortunately, the worst part about this company is how they’ll just withdraw funds from your bank account, and not tell you what it’s for until you discover it on your own and call in.  Then trying to get an invoice for those charges becomes a drawn out game of email-tag. They’re also very unapologetic about it, so I expect this kind of treatment in the future.

JUNE 2012

I discover some monthly charges on my accounts for $7.99/month.  Why was I charged?  Because I didn’t reply to their email or contact them to “Opt Out”, I was charged $7.99/month for each of my ATMs.  Obviously, I complained and the funds were eventually refunded back to my account.


Here was the email I failed to take seriously and I won’t analyze it because this seems so blatantly unethical that if I need to communicate why this is wrong to you, we will probably never associate or do business with one another.

May 15 Email Subject: Sticker Insurance Opt In



I discover two charges on my account, $166.67 and $144.95, labelled, “Software and Braille Stickers.”  I’m annoyed again and call in.  I discovered that technicians from National Cash Systems came over to my machines, logged into the Master password, and upgraded my machines to the latest versions back in July 2012.

So that’s annoying after what occurred with their Sticker Opt-In and I send them this email (September 6, 2012).

I have discovered your company has charged my account in the amounts of $166.67 and $144.95 on August 15, 2012 without my authorization.

See attached work orders for service done to my ATMs without my prior consent.

Please refund the charges and do not charge my account in the future without my explicit consent.


We can also talk about a lower amount to be charged for the software upgrades rather than an outright refund. I’d be okay with $50 for each site being upgraded for a total of $100. $150 for about 20 minutes of work that includes uploading files from a USB thumb drive does not seem reasonable (the stickers were mailed to me prior and I had already placed them on the machines). In my particular case, I would’ve been able to do the work myself if your technicians emailed me the files and the directions received from Hyosung. For the sake of expediency, however, I’m willing to compromise and at least cover your expenses.

For the two years I have been with your company, I’ve generally been satisfied and recommended you to my friends. I thought we had a great working relationship where I purchased the ATM, installed it myself, programmed it myself, maintained it, provided Internet connection, and restocked it with my own cash. I took care of the machine, and your company processed the transactions. The division of labour seemed very clear and there were minimal surprises. This was the relationship I was expecting from the very beginning and was communicated to me with your staff.

Then in June, your company started charging me an unsolicited $7.99 from my account for insurance I did not approve of (which was refunded, thank you). And now, we’re dealing with the software upgrade issue.

I would like to continue my business relationship with your company if at all possible. I have been generally very happy with your company’s service and I would like to continue and recommend your business to others. In order to do so, I need to be assured that our business relationship returns to the original intent as described at (, “Some independent deployers choose to manage its own fleet of ATMs but utilize National Cash for all its back-end processing, accounting, statement generation & reconciliation services.”

I look forward to an agreement that will enable us to have an ongoing and profitable relationship.


Look, I get it.  Sometimes we make mistakes and send out techs without letting people know in advance.  Then we withdraw some arbitrary amount we want from their account and still not tell them until they look at their bank statements.

No response to the email and I’m trying to get an answer from staff and I get an official one today, September 17, 2012.

Their official response is essentially, “touch luck.  We can get into your machines and that’s our right per the agreement you signed.”  Their position is that no prior notice is needed whatsoever and then they can charge me for it.  That’s what I signed up for, right?

Obviously, this company cares minimally for me as a business partner.

So now that I understand how they want to play this, I sent them cancellations for my contracts that aren’t due to expire until about a year out and another one 6 months later.  Luckily, I had enough foresight to not sign the 5 year agreement they originally wanted.

I’ve also submitted a request for them to change the contracts to make it VERY clear that I don’t want their techs touching my machines unless I give them consent first.  It’s just a pet peeve of mine to get funds withdrawn from my account by surprise.  In fact, I’m helping them to cooperate by changing the master passwords and telling them I did so that they don’t try to come out again without my consent.

I can easily imagine in a couple of months, that their techs will come out to my machine to do some additional programming without my consent despite my explicit email to them to NOT do that.  Then they will just withdraw the funds from my account and call it a travel charge.

SERIOUSLY?!  What’s wrong with these people?

Hopefully, I can get some kind of resolution from this with them creating a new contract that explicitly states they shouldn’t be touching my machines without my approval first.  Otherwise, I’ll be moving to a new ATM Processor.

Unfortunately, I don’t have experience with any other ATM Processor, so maybe this is just standard behavior in the industry.

Any recommendations?

Our Parents are War Trauma Victims

Have you ever tried to fully understand the childhood of your parents and make sense of how they see the world?

Your grandparents were raised in Japanese occupied Korea until the end of World War II facing untold atrocities and most likely weren’t paragons of parenting.

Your parents were raised post Korean War still ravaged from World War II in extreme poverty.  No running water.  No electricity. Perhaps in a shack by today’s standards. They might as well been raised in the Great Depression in the 1920s.  But our parents were poorer.  They moved to a new country where they couldn’t even speak the language to forge a whole new life.

But they’ve made it, and you work for them.  And you’ve been raised in the shadow of the trauma they endured in their upbringing.  You are traumatized by the past devastation passed on from their parents, to your parents, and onto you.

Do you see your parents as war trauma victims?  Can you attempt to place yourselves in their childhood to see the devastation they had to endure?

To better understand the suffering they’ve endured will help us understand why they behave as they do.