Logic Saves: Foundation, Attitudes, and Values

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There are some people I’ve engaged that essentially act as though “everyone’s opinions are just as valid as anyone else’s.” Usually, this is in context of the individual holding self-contradictory beliefs and lacking the skills to think internally using Reason and Logic.

I could blame this on the shortage of proper teaching in Public Schools on how to properly use Reason and Logic. The Establishment doesn’t want individuals thinking critically and questioning everything.

For the unReasoned, they are not even aware that they fail to adhere to the Metaphysical Laws of Reason (as popularly described by Aristotle):

1. Identity
2. Causality
3. Non-Contradiction

Do the unReasoned choose to be so of “free will?” or is it simply because they haven’t been exposed to this information? Or are there psychological reasons outside of their control that compels them to remain ignorant and rebellious toward the Metaphysical Laws of Reason?